May 27, 2013

Beauty On A Budget Over 40 Video

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  1. On the Vlog part: I FINALLY got to listen to a vlog of yours, and it's awesome. I missed the last few because I couldn't see them on my phone. You're hilarious and you have a wonderful personality. I loved this! (The camera is on mirror image, so everything's reversed for us and we can't read it). For your camera, if it gives you the option, you should turn OFF any auto-white balance stabilizer.
    On the makeup: I actually stole that True Match powder from my sister in law. Was very surprised to see it on your video. I use it once every 4-6 months when I feel like putting some make up. I had never seen a paste blush before. Very neat. I actually liked the Angel lipstick over the other one. Heh.


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