May 14, 2013

Bloggers. Help!!

OK so I am sure there are many bloggers out there who also like to read others blogs.. My question is, how do you read them all!?!?!... I ask because I have SO many bookmarked that it takes me HOURS sometimes to get through them all... 

So, how do you keep track of the blogs you read and how are you able to visit them so often?


  1. I use Bloglovin. Used to use Google reader but it's no longer going to be available. Since you won't be transferring from one reader to another, it may take some time for you to enter each one into Bloglovin but once its done, it's so much easier to read. Good luck!

  2. I just use Blogger's reading list. Don't feel overwhelmed. Nobody is expecting or demanding you visit their posts and leave comments. That'd be awful. In your free time, just read those that you want to read, or you are interested in. We won't feel bad. Sometimes I just read, but I don't reply. Doesn't mean I don't care, but I may agree with that they say, nod to myself and move on.

  3. I kind of have 2 methods. One is the blog roll I have linked to my blog....which sometimes I'm slow and takes me awhile to add new blogs I like (like yours!). My main method is I have a folder set up in Firefox called blogs. Whenever I come across a blog I like I bookmark it to that folder. At least once a week or more, I'll go down through the list and catch up and if I find they don't post too often or I'm not interested in reading it anymore I just delete it.

  4. Ha! if I tell you my secret of how I do it all...I'd have to kill you. LOL... just kidding.
    But I would have to admit outloud (via WWW) just how much time I spend on time, reading blogs...and who wants to do that.

    Truth is, I can't read every single post on every single blog I follow ...PLUS, let's not forget about the followers that FOLLOW ME. I'm guilty of that widget neglect. I have to take time and click through my followers and periodically click through visit them. Then...while I'm there, I have to back-read (you know skim through the last couple of posts) to see if there is anything IMPORTANT that I might have missed; say a really good recipe, a loss of family pet, new grandbaby, a new car, birthday, or trial they might be experiencing...cause I like to know how my friends are doing.
    I open many tabs and toggle back and forth as I read and comment I close those tabs. Once I'm done with those, if time permits I open 5 more...Rinse, Read and Repeat!
    The other thing: I DON'T TWEET, I DON'T FACEBOOK. Not even a private facebook with family. (well, I have one, but it is deactivated; seriously considering closing permanantly) Facebook is over rated to me. that's just my opinion.

    I try to answer most emails when they come in and am trying to keep my email folder emptied out... I recently made this change and like to manage email the same way I manage household mail. Touch it once, toss it or expedite it!
    But, when I do get a heavy volume of emails, then I set a time to sit and answer---and I don't blog hop during that time.

    Hope that Helps--

  5. I can't possibly read all of my favorite blogs any more or even answer my emails every day. I jump around and catch up...and try not to stress about it. I think everyone understands and has the same problem! Enjoy your day and happy blogging!


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