May 13, 2013

Budget And Getting It Together..

Hi everyone, 

As most of you know if you watched my last video, April was a rough month budget wise.. Partially due to a few unexpected expenses and mostly because of my own fault..It had been so long since I bought myself anything that when my birthday rolled around in April I just went off the deep end. Biggest mistake The Man made was telling me to go out with Linda and go shopping. Be good to myself and buy what I want..He did that because he loves me but, to a shopaholic like myself thats like giving a drug addict heroin... I should have been more frugal but I just rolled right off the paying debt wagon, down the road and straight into a ditch!

Yes, I understand it was my birthday but, I could have been smarter, bought myself a few things and let it go at that.. Afterall just because it's a birthday doesn't give you license to go spend,spend,spend when you have so much debt hanging over your head but, now that it's all over I NEEDED to get a handle on things again. I've just been feeling like, it's all gotten out of control. I don't know which card I owe what to anymore etc.. So this weekend, I took control.

I sat down and made myself a Budget Binder and I'd like to share it with you incase anyone else would like to make one.. 

I just used a plain binder I had laying around the house. 

I simply printed out the Title Sheet and slipped it in the front. 

On the inside cover, it has two I used one for bills that need to be paid and one for my check book register and checks. I still use the register because while I also use online banking I still like to have my own running totals. I rarely use checks anymore but keep them because there's always a time you may need to use one.. I took my label maker and just labeled the pockets. 

Next, I took some little sticky tabs I had and made labels for each month of the year. Now Im not one for spread sheets. Honestly, I don't understand them and have always done better with a pen, paper and me writing it all out. For me, I can keep it straight that way. I also used sheet protectors that I had so this way none of the pages rip out and I can compare months as well as look back at the end of the year. 

I also added to sheets and tabs for my debts and passwords. I am just horrible at remembering passwords and each month it makes me insane trying to remember them or having to reset them. Yep, should have done this a long time ago.. 

Lastly, on the back cover of the binder there are also two built in pockets and I am using those for paid bills that need to be filed and receipts.

I also went and once again looked at all my credit accounts and wrote down what I owe now since April. I'll blog about this, this week. As I said in my video, I'm pretty much back to starting over and since I am I thought this would be a good idea. I felt so good when this binder was finished. I feel like now, everything is organized in one spot and the less clutter in front of me when it comes to keeping my budget and paying my bills the less clutter there is in my head...

I hope you like my binder.. Do you have something like this? Do you use a system? If so, what kind? 


  1. Something that may help in the future... when you decide to go shopping like that, take cash out (say, $50-$100) and leave all debit/credit cards/other cash at home. You can spend, but you will have no option but to adhere to the limit.

    AWESOME job on the binder! If spreadsheets aren't your thing, there's definitely no shame in pencil and paper. It is whatever works best for you, and I love the steps you are taking. I use a combination of spreadsheets, a small book with pencil notes and Quicken.

    Word of advice: Though you may want to look at the binder every day now because of its newness, try to set a stable schedule to go over it, say, Sundays after lunch or dinner, or Saturday mornings. You can still look at it at any given time, but make yourself maintain a schedule. A big problem with systems like these (I use Quicken) is that you may grow bored of it and stop doing it, and things pile up, further discouraging you from reorganizing.

  2. I love your bill binder Robyn! You must feel so good having everything so organized and it must make you feel like you are in control again! Great job girl! I loved your videos's always so fun to see people in real life. And your husband was sweet to you on Mother's Day with the lovely gifts from the fur-babies! Angie xo

  3. This is a great idea my friend! It will help you so much and keep you organized. I keep an expense summary and write down everything I spend...even cash items. It helps to see where the money goes. Hugs!


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