May 30, 2013

May By The Numbers...

Well May will be officially over in a few short days so I thought it was time to run my numbers for the month. This is the first month I have actually jotted down every single penny we bought and what we spent it on and well, seems both the Man and I have to learn that five dollars here, five dollars there starts to really add up!. On to the numbers :

As for fixed bills, these are bills that I can not change. I have cut to the bare minimums on everything so they are what they are.

The totals for utilities, life insurance, car payments, insurance, mortgage, savings deposit, etc was:


Credit Card Payments (only paid minimums this month) :


Monthly Food Shopping(this is our large food shopping at the start of each month)


Extra Money We Spent Throughout The Month: (here is were changes need to be made. Things we need to make changes to are in red)

Charities (NOT changing these)                                $20.00
Items for the house (not needs)                                 $177.24
Gas - Lawnmower & Car                                         $82.00 (this was higher this month because the Man had to drive up to NC to Duke for a follow up on his surgery)
Dining Out (the Man, Chinese food rare occurrence)    $17.23
Extra Food throughout month                                      $35.31
Prescription & Medical Needs                                    $21.58
Beauty Products                                                         $24.37
The Man -Entertainment                                             $59.24
Hair Cut - The Man                                                   $13.00
Extra  Cell Phone Payment                                         $107.33
Christmas Savings                                                     $20.00
ATM - For NC Trip to Surgeon                                 $60.00
Specialty Dog Food (diabetic dogs)                           $60.00
Cigarettes & Quit Items :                                          $334.03 (yes we smoke, don't judge, we're trying to quit)

Total :                                                                     $1031.33

Going by the totals here I can now see why we are walking on eggs shells this month waiting for June and our check to come in. We had some expenditures that we couldn't do anything about like the extra gasoline and the money needed for the Man to go to NC to follow up with his back surgeon, the extra cell phone payment which had to be paid, the specialty dog food which we have no choice in but buying, extra food. Hey, ya gotta eat. The Mans hair grows like a weed. Balding has never been something hes ever needed to worry about so every two months he needs a haircut, our prescriptions and insulin needles for the dogs can't be changed and I refuse to change the two charities I give to.

As for the other items, things for the house, I didn't need to spend that money. The Man didn't need to spend money on more playstation stuff or fish tank stuff, my beauty products although I didn't spend a lot I should use up what I have first before buying anything new, the Man had Chinese food one night. I won't begrudge him that as we never ever eat out and yeah the cigarettes need to go not only for financial reasons which as you can see is HUGE in itself but for health reasons too.. We are working on it..

I've sat down already and worked the budget for June and hopefully we'll do better than we did this month. I wish I could find a very easy to use program that would show me what percentage of our incomes go where. I tried using Mint but found it very confusing.. Any suggestions? I need something simple, like, real simple. I may be smart in a lot of things but when it comes to numbers and math they were never my strong suit..


  1. Well, if you just want to see percentages, I recommend just a simple spreadsheet. Quicken does this too, if you can keep up with the categorizing. I use Quicken, and it is very user friendly, though a few of its key features have sunk since their 2008 version.

    Some things: Is your car insurance and utilities really set on stone?

    Don't feel too bad for smoking. A lot of people do, and it's nothing to be shamed for. I think your expenses could be restructured a bit to where they'd make easier sense (like if you are not changing the charity portion, and this is a portion set on stone, then treat it as a monthly bill). Haircut could be treated as a monthly bill too, if it's really on schedule (or you could learn to cut his hair and save that money). Lots of room for improvement, which is good. Looking forward to your June budget. Posting it can help you face up the changes when July comes and help you compare where you did well and where you could improve.

  2. I bet if you keep up keeping track of every cent spent each month you will slowly see your non-essential spending decrease. Good for you for even going there.

  3. You are doing a good job just by starting to track what you spend. I have a course that I should get you the name of. It REALLY helps you to get debt free. I'll see if I can get the name of it from my daughter. Good luck-it is never easy to change our habits- xo Diana


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