May 12, 2013

Mothers Day Hmm....

Happy Mothers day to all my readers! Whether you're a mom of two legged children or four legged children I wish you a very blessed day!...

As for myself, I usually ignore Mothers Day.. Since losing my mom (my best friend) in 1999 Mothers day for me just always serves as a reminder of how much I miss my mom, my best friend, my touch stone, my cheerleader, my support but,.... my dear husband who I am so blessed to be loved by always tries to make it special for me because even though I am not a mom of any two legged children I am a mom of seven 4 legged children..My sweetheart made sure again this year not to forget me and he did and always does make it a brighter day for me.. 

This is the card he got me from all the dogs.. He even signed their names to it.. LOL...

 Yeah, excuse my fingers in there.. 

And then... he and the furry kids bought me these.. 

Can't wait for these to open. Pink tulips are one of my favorite flowers! 

Thank you honey for making a day that hurts into a day that feels lighter and is filled with love.. I Love You...


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! I hear you about the pain mother's day brings.......I still have my mom but it is almost a year to the day that my dad died. He was my best pal.

  2. How sweet! Give that hubby some extra hugs for being so thoughtful! I didn't get to be with any of my family so my hubby made my day special, too. One of my dollies had a card for me! lol That's how silly we are! Hugs!


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