May 21, 2013

No Spending Strategy.....

May is coming to a close and as for April's finances, they are way behind me thank goodness.. In the last weeks I've been trying to come up with tactics to not spend unless I have no choice. And, I've settled on it. Cleaning and organizing. I know this may sound like a trivial way to spend time but let me explain..
This guy here...
My hunka hunka burnin love..

Has been unable to do much of anything besides lay on the couch and go to the doctors in the last three, almost four years. That is until last November when he finally had a great surgeon at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina reconstruct his entire spine. Because of my own physical limitations you can only imagine the disarray my home has fallin into not being kept up in the last four years. Painting, nothing organized etc. I can do some but I need a whole lot of help. The Mans second follow up with the surgeon at Duke was last week. Doc gave him the go ahead to lift up to 50 pounds, go back to his regular activity but be smart about it. Lift correctly and when he gets tired or the muscles begin to hurt to stop for a while.. so NOW, The Man can MOVE!.. Which means, we can finally, finally begin to get this house in some kind of shape..I have a guest room that needs to be completed because it never was, I have a home office / craft room that needs to be completed because it never was. I have a brand new still in the box computerized Brother Sewing Machine for the last four years that I would like to USE!...
I started out small last week beginning in my kitchen which I posted about here.

And this past weekend I moved onto my Linen / Medicine cabinet in the small hall way by the guest bath ..

All those bottles in the front there, yeah, those are The Mans pain meds, nerve pain meds, cholesterol, acid meds etc..Looks like a lot doesn't it? Thats nothing compared to what it was before his surgery. Anyway, Im sorry I didnt take before photos. I always forget to do that but trust me when I tell you, nothing was in bins, nothing was in groups of like kind together, everything was thrown all over these two shelves and I threw out an entire garbage bag of stuff.. I grouped all of The Mans medications in one bin. There's another bin in the back that has cold medicines, sinus meds,upset tummy stuff. There's another bin in the back for older medications The Man isn't using anymore but we're hanging onto just incase and the top shelf with the large basket is holding big things like Baby oil, peroxide, alcohol, Cotton balls etc....

Next I moved onto my towels in the master bath. 

I originally had the towels on these shelves but they were in baskets and while it looked nice it wasn't very functional. So I took them out of the baskets and refolded them. I"m not sure if I like how this looks yet but it is much easier to get to towels, hand towels and face cloths now than it was before.. 

So there ya have it ladies and gents and this isn't even the tip of the ice burg. There is SO much more to be done in this house I will be busy for the next year. I just have to keep reminding myself to take before photos.

What does this have to do with not spending money? Simple, if Im busy at home, I have no time or need or energy left to go out shopping. May not sound like a strategy to some but it is one that works for me and I get my house the way I like it in the process..


  1. Looks great. So glad to hear The Man has regained some of his activity! Start him up slow, last thing anyone wants is for him to overexert. I know there's a lot to be done and that it has been a long time coming, but health comes first. Start small as you're doing, with the simpler items, and maybe leave the bigger projects for the weekend. However, don't fall into the trap of getting TOO busy inside the house to where you will forget to go grocery shopping or forget to cook and end up going for takeout. Get busy, but with a plan. Good luck!

  2. first- good advice! I can stay busy at home too if I just put my mind to it and let myself be content. After paying for our daughter's wedding we are...behind and a depleted savings means I have to tighten up! We need new flooring because we literally have a spot that sinks when you walk on it, uffda!
    Second- the back trouble, oh my, that stinks! I did not have to have surgery but did end up with spinal injections that were no fun at all. I still have some minor trouble but I can just feel for your hubby and all the pain, stress, and especially being a man that can't do work, has to be very hard. So very glad he is on the mend!! Praise God!

  3. Well done!
    Sounds like you are both on the right track back.
    I'm excited to see both of your progresses.

  4. Sounds like a good plan to me!

  5. Very good - you are right, making your home nicer while spending no money can be very satisfying. I would recommend that if you need to buy anything to move further along on a project ask friends/family if they have the item kicking around. I am sure they would be happy to lend/give you it. We like to make a gigantic list of all the things to do and break them into little bits, jobs that would take 1-2 hours only. That way when we accomplish something we can cross it off the list, and we can also easily add to it things that need to be addressed in future. Cheers to healthful happy days ahead for you and your man.

  6. I'm right there with you, Robyn. I'm trying not to spend money - of course, I've no money to spend! But still.......I think you are really smart to divert your energies to something else! I love seeing the progress of your re-organization! You are very motivating!


  7. Sounds like a great plan and great news about your DH! Hopefully he'll take it nice and slow while easing back into things.

  8. I'm here from Goat's blog. I'm so happy to read about your hubby's great surgical outcome.

  9. Gosh, Robyn...don't put photos of your meds on the don't know whose reading and there are some seriously deranged folks out there.
    OTOH, so glad y'all are feeling better...keep it up!


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