May 20, 2013

Part Of Getting Older?

This post may seem a but naive but well, I guess I am naive when it comes to getting older. I've never done it before!.. LOL ... But, in all seriousness, my mom passed away when I was 29 so I really don't have anyone to ask questions about getting older.. So, I am turning to my blog readers who may be a bit older than me..

During my early 20's and all the way through my late 30's I always had fake nails. I had a friend who was a licensed nail tech who used to do them for many years and I went to her so much that by the time I was 27 I had learned how to do a full set of tips by myself. After that, I took over and always did my own tips, manicures etc..Once I hit around 36 though for some reason I didn't want the tips anymore so I took them off and never put them back on until recently. Since turning 40 (that was 3 yrs ago now) my nails decided they would no longer grow on their own. They peel, split and are soft. Well, last month for some unknown reason I decided I missed long nails so I went to Sally Beauty and spent an embarrassing amount of money for all the supplies I knew I'd need and, I put my first set of tips on in almost seven years.

Here's what they looked like when I was finished. 

I was so into it again, or so I thought   I even did a little sponge art for a manicure. These lasted two weeks when I decided they were too long and were driving me nuts. So, off they came and not in the correct way. You're supposed to melt them off by soaking your nails in pure acetone which by the way I did buy but forgot I couldn't stand the smell of it so I filed them off.. HUGE mistake, don't ever do this.. I got lucky and didn't damage my nails or cut myself this time..

I had them off for about a week and thought to myself, "you dummy, you spent all that money on all these supplies and what? now you're just going to let it all go to waste? No way, put another set on only this time cut them short enough to be active.. Okay, so another three hours last week and I had tips back on, shorter this time and I was pleased with the outcome. Here's what they looked like when finished. 

See that, I even did little crystals on them. Well, these lasted.....not even a week.. I find that now, I can not STAND the feeling of tips on my nails anymore. They feel suffocated and numb and the feeling drives me batty soooo, once again, on Saturday night yep, I did it again, I clipped and filed them off only this time I'm left with a few battle scars which I will spare you the photos of. Two bleeding nails. Yeah, I know.. So ladies, does this have anything to do with getting older? For many many years tips never bothered me. It was like they were just part of me but now, I can not STAND the feeling of them anymore. Also, since hitting 40 three years ago my nails also split, peel and are soft and thin. I've tried all the treatments etc but nothing seems to help them.. Any insight? 


  1. I have never enjoyed "fake" nails, no matter what age.
    For my weak nails, I use a nail hardener as base coat and top coat.
    Plus, I keep my nails a sporty length.

  2. The nails are cute, but I have no answer for ya! I have never had fake nails in my life, so I am no help. It has just never been in my budget and I wouldn't know how to do them myself.

  3. Your nails are supposed to grow weak due to the chemicals on fake nails, though I am sure age plays a number on them as well. But chemicals are quite detrimental over long periods of time. Definitely let them breathe and grow naturally for a while. Use nail strengthening polish (clear) and take care of them. Maybe extra vitamins and supplements geared towards healthy hair/nails (usually vit A, C-E).

    (Financial officer voice: Stop spending on things on a whim. Hope this serves as lesson/reminder! Though you shouldn't deprive yourself too much, consider your purchases and your values. Were those nails more important than paying off debt or saving towards your EF? If so, then you have the go ahead to spend, but if not, this is something you should revisit.)

  4. I really love the look with the crystals. And LOOK at your beautiful rings! You have lovely hands and gorgeous jewelry. Well....I think it has to do more with style than getting older. I used to wear gloves to do my dishes to help keep my nails nice but that got 'old'! lol You need to get some of the clear polish for strengthening your nails. It looks nice and helps keep them from splitting. I'm having a giveaway today....please come by and enter! Sweet hugs!

  5. Let me know if you learn of a solution. My nails used to grow long and were very strong. Now, just like you, they split, peel and are soft. I try to keep clear strengthening polish on and now use moisturizer and wear gloves when cleaning and gardening. They still chip!

  6. I've never had fake nails so can't help you there. My nails did used to be strong and are now weak and peeling. I attribute that to age and lack of vitamins (which I'm not good about taking daily).
    I can't do long nails and should put clear strengthening polish on. Everything seems to go to pot after 40 and worse after 50!! :)

  7. Can't help you because I don't do nails. In fact, I rarely paint my toe nails and never paint finger nails. I just don't understand the allure especially when it causes so many problems. Robyn, I've been reading about chemicals and skin...frightening! Just another reason not to do a bunch of stuff to ruin our bodies.
    Have you eaten or drank gelatin? It's rather nasty stuff but it will harden your nails, strengthen your hair and do good things for your body.

  8. Hi, I just found your blog. I used to have beautiful long strong nails. My husband didn't like nail polish, so sometimes I buffed them but mostly left them alone. My mother also had had beautiful nails, but by the time I got married her nails were weak and curled and split. Now I have been having the same problem for 10 years. I would not say that this happens to every woman, but I would say that it happens to the majority of women as they age. By the way I'm 55. I keep my nails fairly short, I have some nail, but like my mother several of my nails curl. I file them down to where it doesn't show and then copy the rest of my nails to match their length. I try to keep my hands well moisturized, my nails spotlessly clean, and I think my hands look nice. So does my husband


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