May 17, 2013

Spam Anyone??

To my fellow bloggers.. Are any of you getting hit with a lot of spam on your blogs lately?

No I don't mean this kind of Spam. I like this kind.. Yes, I like the mystery meat that Spam is.. moving on.....

I mean this kind of spam.

 I am getting killed with it! All by "Anonymous" posters. I have my blogger Spam Filter on but I'm still getting inundated with it.. I really really hate to put that captcha thing on all my posts.. Does anyone know of any other way to top the Spam? Thanks :) 


  1. The very reason I put the filter on my blog.
    I hate Spam!

  2. I've been getting a lot more spam as well. Worse, I've been getting a huge, huge amount of "views" on my blog. It is awful because I, stupidly, checked on the source of those large numbers (can be done on your stats page), BUT DON'T DO IT! The "name" of the source sounded authentic, not suspicious, but let me tell you, it was! I went there and it is shocking. Please don't do it! I had to clean my machine with all anti-virus, etc., just to feel free of any possible contamination. Be safe out there!

  3. PS, I would suggest putting a comment approval thing on your comment section so "bad people" can't just leave you a comment. I highly suggest it. It delays people from publishing on your blog without your permission. I noticed my last comment came up immediately, without you having the chance to delete it. Also, don't ever let a stranger put a "live link" on your comment section. You never know where it might take your friends. Just some safe guards!

  4. Me again...I don't like that word/number verification either, so I do use the approval thing that comes with your setup. Works for me!

    1. Lesa
      Thank you so much for this comment! I completely forgot about the "approval" thing..Yep, I think I will go use that because the amount of spam lately has just been ridiculous.. and no I don't ever click on links.. Thanks again so much :)

  5. I think you can do it to where only registered members can post (ie, no anons). That's what I have in my blog, and it does reduce it by a lot. I still get the random registered person with linkage, but that's 1 every other week vs 5-6 spam messages from Anon.

  6. I was starting to get a lot of it too, so I finally just added where someone had to be signed in to comment and haven't had spam since.

  7. Turn off Anonymous comments Robyn! That should care of the problem. I don't allow anonymous comments on my blog....I think that if someone takes the time to comment...they should own it. Let me know if that helps! Have a lovely weekend! Angie xo

  8. I'm getting more than I've ever gotten before! It's a PAIN!!!

  9. I agree with's made all the difference to my blog.



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