May 6, 2013

Weekend In Review & The Ugly Side....

Hi everyone, 

Didn't actually do a video today..I decided to write.. So onto my weekend in review.. 

I actually did next to nothing on Saturday. I got up around 930 am, by that time The Man had all the dogs fed except Onyx and Bailey because they won't eat for anyone but me. I fed them and then The Man went food shopping in the morning and I sat in my chair in the den working on my knitting project which, is finally almost finished by the way and watched some old movies on Turner Classic Movies for a while. I haven't done this in ages. Then I put all the groceries away when The Man got home. I took a nap, had some soup when I got up. The UPS man came in the afternoon (did I ever tell you how much I love my UPS man?) and he delivered this.. 

 I've been needing a clock in my kitchen area for oh, about TEN years. It's not the exact one I wanted... The exact one was $80.00. Too steep for my budget so I went with this one which is kind of like it for $26.00 from
Although not the exact model I wished for I still like this one too.. What do you think of it? As for the wall color behind it, yeah, thats getting changed as well. Soon as I get to the store and pick out another color and The Man gets the go ahead from his surgeon up at Duke University Hospital to be able to paint etc..

As for the rest of the night. I did nothing..I fed the dogs, made some Lentil soup for The Man, cleaned up the dishes and went back to bed for the night where we finally set up the old playstation 3 system we have that doesn't play games anymore but we can still stream Netflix through it. Caught up on all my shows that I DVR'd through the week and went to sleep at a little past midnight. 
It was a sort of productive day for me personally. I took a shower, ran the dishwasher, got almost finished with the trim on my knitting project, watched the NASCAR race and yeah, thats about it..

The ugly Truth.

So why have I been so unproductive all weekend and not doing much ? Well, the ugly truth is I haven't felt well in about ten days. Sicker than usual. I'm so thankful to The Man that he loves me so much and knew there was no way I could have left the house much less gone food shopping and on a Saturday no less. Seems my IBS (atleast thats what I am praying it is) has acted up quite badly, worse really than ever before and I've been in a boatload of pain for about a week now. Its been making me feel very sick, tired, nauseas, bad headaches and lots of digestive pain. Its started to slack off some this weekend but still hurts. I have a sinking feeling I see a trip to a gastro and a few scopes in my very near future if this doesn't let up soon. So while I can post happy things, and videos where it seems all is OK, the ugly truth is my chronic illness at times rears it's ugly head in very painful ways and knocks me down for the count at times and, this is where I am now. 

I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful weekend full of many graces. 


  1. Oh crud honey, so sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope it's nothing too serious and you're back on the mend soon.

  2. I love your new will be perfect for your home. Sometimes you just need to rest and take a day off. I hope you're feeling good today! Sweet hugs!

  3. Hope you get some relief soon, and that it is nothing serious. Keep resting. Feel better.

  4. Hi Robyn-
    Sorry to hear you're not well; and in pain. I hate that for you. I hope you're able to rest and get well soon.
    So many auto-immune diseases are misunderstood and they're also debilitating. I really, do understand some of what you must be going through.
    Prayers for you.

  5. sure hope you feel better quickly!

  6. I am sorry to read you're not feeling well. The kind of "not feeling well" you describe is the kind that makes me want to crawl into bed, cover up and stay there, so I think it is amazing you're getting a knitting project done and watching some good movies. You are right about your man, he is an amazing husband, a blessing from God.

    I hope the coming days find you feeling much better and not needing to be "probed" !

  7. Hi Robyn, you are one brave chickadee to do a vlog. I wouldn't even know what to say. Easier for me to write, but lately I haven't even been able to do that. You don't worry about all those naysayers. You just do what's right for you! Who cares what they think anyways! Hope you've been able to get some relief from the pain. Best wishes, Tammy


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