May 15, 2013

Whats One To Do.....

when one isn't feeling well? Why rest of course!  Um, yeah, not for my body!....Instead...I spent the weekend...Organizing!....Am I feeling better? Not really.. I was.......but then I did what I always do. Whats that definition again of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome? Yeah, pretty much me.. I think it comes from being chronically ill.. When you are, as soon as you feel a little bit of energy you want to get up and go, go, go. It comes from being down so long and yeah, thats what I did this weekend. 

On Saturday I went over to the Dollar Store..Yes, you can get your home or whatever organized for cheap. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars. I mean, you could if you choose but I choose not too.. The only thing I will spend a  bit of money on is food storage. For that I want air tight containers. Everything else, the Dollar Store works just fine for me. So, here's a look at what I got accomplished so far. 

In this photo are four cabinets on one side of my kitchen. The red bins are the only thing I bought at the dollar store and yep, for a buck each. The other containers you see here, we already had for a long time. So I just put things in the new containers, used my label maker and labeled each container with whats inside. Sorry I didn't get any before pictures but trust me, it was a mess!..Everything was just all over the place. Now, I just look at the labels and pull down a bin for what I need. 

Next I went under my sink. I found these cute little wire baskets that were two for a dollar. I bought some of those sticky plastic hook things and put one on each door. One holds my sponges and used Brillo pads and the other holds my cleaning rag.  Also, please dont pay attention to the mess on the bottom of the cabinet. I haven't gotten to that yet. A few weeks ago The Man put up my tension curtain rod an secured both ends with hooks and wire and I was able to hang all my bottles with handles on them giving me more room on the bottom of the cabinet. 

Lastly, I bought these red containers also from the Dollar Store for a buck a piece to store my dog food cans. They were taking so much space up in the cabinet. I was able to fit 8 cans in each bin. I had a new shoe box so I used that to put all my plastic ware tops in because I was sick of having to search for them. 

I also cleaned out old glasses and mugs and boxed them up for GoodWill which made room for the glasses and mugs we actually use and I also cleaned out another cabinet and was able to store my china now so it's accessible to me when I want to use it. I bought some shelf lining as well for a dollar. Maybe I'll put that in tomorrow.. 


  1. Feels so much better doesn't it? It's kind of thrilling to open up a well organized pantry or cupboard, but then again, I'm easily thrilled. :)

  2. Wow, great job. You'll feel so much better next time you're looking around the kitchen or under the sink, and see it is all organized and clean. Looks really good.

  3. Great organizing Robyn. You are as foolish as I am. Sickness can't get a good girl down. lol! So hoping that you feel better soon. Now try and rest. You've accomplished a lot sweetie!

  4. I love organizing project Robyn! Great job! Don't you love the dollar store for this type of stuff? I do! It must feel so good to get some things cleared out too! Great job! Angie xo


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