June 19, 2013

Been Gone a Long Time

Hi! Remember me?.. Yes I know, I've been gone a long time.. You know how it is.. Maybe you don't? Life takes over sometimes, then sometimes there's nothing to write about, then sometimes you get involved in other things you like doing. Whatever the case, I"m back...

Whew.. It's been a crazy couple weeks. Guess I should give you all an update.

No, I haven't been cooking, or crafting or diy'ing anything... Ive just been busy with life and I haven't been feeling well in quite some time.. If you've been reading my blog any length of time then you know I've been sick many, many years with Chronic Lyme Disease. Anyhow, I digress. I've actually been,....cleaning! Like a mad woman I may add.. Why you ask? Well, funds ran out two months ago to keep having someone come in and help with all the heavy cleaning, you know, the bathrooms, the floors etc so, the hubby and I've been doing it.. Well, mostly I've been doing it.. The Man will do the floors but at times it's like pulling teeth to get him to do them. I think it's a man thing..

Women and men, well most men are so different when it comes to a clean home. Most men will live in filth until it covers them and almost swallows them and anything around them straight down into a dirty black hole never to be heard from again. Women, most women, like a clean and clean smelling home and freak out when it's not. Yep, add me to the later category. Well because of my physical limitations and lack of energy it takes me a whole lot longer to clean one room than it does the average person and I get maybe 98% of one room a day complete if I'm lucky. Mostly it's one room every two days because I end up in so much pain that the next day after cleaning one room my body needs some serious down time and I have seven rooms in my home that need to be cleaned including two full bathrooms. Have I ever told you how much I hate cleaning bathrooms? This has been taking up most of my time and of course there are the everyday chores, errands to run, places to go , people to see, OK not really anyone to see but places to go. Yes, we lead a very boring life, but it's our life so it's OKAY!.

As for my health. I made my annual three month trek to the doctor yesterday for a medication refil and also because I have been in a lot of pain. Much more than usual. I figure it was time to try and do something about it.. Seems my right hand and right middle finger aren't happy these days. Neither is my wrist, forearm, elbow and occasionally my bicep with that, it seems I have yet again, pulled a rib muscle in my back which causes intense pain that wraps around down the right side of my upper chest, under my arm and up my back into my neck. It also hurts at times to take a deep breath. Nothing new, I've done this a gajillion (yes I know thats not a real word, don't judge, I like it) times.  Whilst at the doctor yesterday I was explaining all my seemingly new and not so new pain. Doctor examined me and yes I seem to be sore ALL over my back, neck and upper chest area. Off to Xray. Three on my neck and two on my chest and back..

Finding? Well according to my Dr. It seems I don't only have a pulled muscle in my back but something called "Chostocondritis"..Yeah, it's a mouthful, no clue if I spelled it right. Anyhow, it's an inflammation of the cartilage, muscles, joints etc of the entire rib cage. My right side is much much worse than my left side. The only treatment for this is anti-inflammatories and since I am allergic to aspirin I can't have those which only leaves steroids and no, they ain't happenin.When my doctor offered them to me I said and I quote" nope I dont want them Iv'e seen what they can do. Unless and until I walk in that door an say Doc? Give me a steroid or shoot me, until then I will deal with the pain".. He did however give me some Flexaril which I have yet to try. If you haven't guessed by now I am VERY gunshy of medications..

Now for the real fun part. My neck. Each "normal" person, and I say normal because apparently I"m not (never was) has a natural curve in their neck for movement, it also houses all the nerves etc. Well mine looks like this.

Yes, I drew this (so I can't draw, don't judge)... It seems because of the horrible muscle spasms which are all over body spasms ( see, I also said I was a spas now I have proof) that I've had for years and do take some medication for had gripped my bones so tightly that, the bones in my neck have grown completely straight thereby probably crushing the nerves in my neck thereby probably causing the migraines I get. Loverly isn't it? Solution? Well I could have an EMG ( just what I want, to have little electrocutions throughout my already painful body) and an MRI. What will these do? Show how much damage there is. Solution to that? Surgery? Umm yeah.. NO!.. I saw my husband go through a neck fusion and with all the problems I already have with my throat and muscles there ain't no way! anyone is gettin near my neck with a knife. So for now I will deal with it...

Lastly, I and my doctor have decided it is time for me to go to Duke University Hospital up in NC to the Neurology department and see if they can help me. While it's no secret that I do have severe digestion problems, none of the GI doctors can seem to get to the answer of why I haven't been able to swallow solids in over ten years and my doctor finally agree's with me ( he's nice but a bit slow, may have taken the short bus to school) thats it's just possible the Chronic Lyme Disease may be affecting the cranial nerves in my brain responsible for swallowing, muscles etc (hello? I've been saying this for 9 yrs now, again, the slow thing). So this week I will be researching Neurologists up at Duke and then trying to get an appointment. A very nice man from our church said he would gladly take us up there. The Man is still recovering from his back surgery and can't drive that long yet. As for my very arthritic" hand, finger, forearms, elbow? Probably the Lyme Disease rearing its head in a very ugly way yet again.

There you have it. My update. I will post more when I know more.. Now , back to this cleaning stuff.. More to come on that in a few days.

I hope you are all well and blessed and if you read this whole post maybe you need some help too.. IM KIDDING!! You know I love everyone who reads my blog. Seriously, if you read my entire post I do thank you from the bottom of my heart. XO


  1. Here's hoping that your neck problems aren't severe in the future and that you can get the stuff caused by the Lyme's Disease solved.

    Hugs to you!

  2. Such an ongoing ordeal. Hope you find some relief soon.

  3. Hope you can find some answers from the neurologists at the University. We tried that route with my DH (twice over the years)and sadly for him it was just a big waste of time. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. I have been gone and just now catching up on the past posts I missed. I have the inflammatory thing that you have in your rib cage/muscles/tendons. I can't take aspirin or steroids but I am on an old anti-inflammatory called Indomethcin. They do not like to use it because it is hard on the stomach but it does work for me-I have taken it for a couple of years and it has really helped with the pain. Hope you get some answers- xo Diana

  5. I'm so sorry you have health problems that keep you from doing all the things you want to do. It's really hard..I know! I'm glad you posted! I've missed you! Sweet hugs, Diane


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