July 31, 2013

Bottoms Up?

Hi everyone 

Today my husband had his first ever colonoscopy. Warning you now, if you're the squeamish type you may want to stop reading right here. If not, continue with me :) 

You may be wondering "why would she post about this?" well, a few reasons. One, it's just another day in my life and two because I think it's important every man get one of these as many times as needed. An ounce of prevention as they say. And lastly, there may be some men and women who might be afraid to get one so I thought I would share my hubs experience.

The Prep. There are many ways this can be done. I think it may be different for each doctor. Some have patients take pills, others have patients drink special kinds of drinks and then there is the route my husbands doctor went. Beginning on Tuesday he was on an all clear fluids diet. Meaning, only tea or coffee with no milk, jello and juice as long as it wasn't red or purple. Clear chicken broth or from bullion. At 12 pm he had to drink this bottle of  Sorbitol. Yuck! tastes like a bottle of pure sugar syrup. Then, at 4 pm he had to begin taking 14 capfulls of Miralax every 15 minutes with Gatorade. In all honesty, from what my hubs said and countless others have said, the worst part of all of it including the test itself is the prep. Having to down all that stuff so quickly and then you're in and out of the loo pretty much all night is lousy feeling. 

We were off to the hospital at 9:30 am. Check in was 9:45 am and he was scheduled for 10:30 am.

All hooked up and waiting for the doctor who happened to be late, big shocker there because he was in surgery. 

So as any good blogger would do while waiting I took out my camera as you can see .

Snugglin with the hubs one last time before he went in. No, they didn't give me any drugs, I asked, they said no my eyes look tired because I was pooped! Didn't sleep well the night before and had lots to do in a short amount of time before we left this morning. 

Dr. E. came in, introduced himself to me as I never met him before. Pretty nice guy with what seemed like a good personality and a happy disposition. A bit shocking these days but I was grateful. 

Less than an hour later Dr Happy came out and got me and said, and I quote "your husband is stone cold normal".. I said Dr. can I have that in writing please, no one has ever said my husband was normal! We shared a chuckle and they took me back to see him. 

 On a serious note, I did thank the Lord and our Blessed Mother Mary for answered prayers and protection as my husband has been through so much in the last ten years with all his back surgeries and since the last one, he had pneumonia in March and is just now getting over a bad stint with a sinus infection and bronchitis. If anything had been found I don't think either of us could have dealt with it but thanks to God, not even one pollop was in there. The entire check in, hook up and procedure took about an hour and we were on our way home by 12 pm ET.

The hubs was a little looped from the Fentnyl an Versed and really wasn't diggin the wheelchair action but thems the rules and the handsome volunteer here, although he looks kind of grumpy, think Grumpy Old Men, was a nice man so he wasn't too miffed about it. 

Hubs has been sleeping pretty much since we got home and I expect he will do so all night.

So, if you are afraid to have a colonoscopy done, afraid to schedule one, take it from this phobic, yes thats me, it's really not bad at all, it's very quick and you're back home in no time.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I am sure this is in hubby's future at some point. Very thankful it showed normal!

  2. Yep- those are important checks to have done. Colon cancer is a silent killer until it is too late to do much of anything about it. xo Diana

  3. Poor hubs indeed. He does not look one bit thrilled with the experience. Hopefully he feels better after long naps!

  4. dang. this is the second time today someone has mentioned this procedure. I think God is trying to tell me...it's time, Sandra.

  5. Happy to hear all is well. You have both been thru enough this year that the good news was much needed.

  6. You mentioned that MEN should have this done when needed. Women should too.
    My mother in law died in 2009 from COLON CANCER and then in 2011 I had a sister in law that died from it too.
    Colonoscopy is KEY to diagnosis.
    ...I had to laugh at your tired eyes comments,you said you were pooped... Ha! you're funny.
    and lastly... in the wheelchair photo...your husband looks like Jeff Daniels (the actor)


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