July 29, 2013


Hi everyone!

Im bacccck!.. I've been a bit busy to say the least. I think I mentioned in my last post, maybe? That it's been many many years since the hubs and I have been able to do much in our home due to his many surgeries over the last 8 years and we are finally beginning to now get some things accomplished.. I spent my weekend repainting the French doors off my dining room that lead into my living room. They were a mess! And I can't even believe I'm going to show you what they looked like before but here they are...

Sorry I didn't get a shot before I taped the windows. I always forget to take a before photo. You're lucky I actually got this one.. LOL Yes, filthy doesn't even begin to describe it.. With seven dogs in one home they tend to lay up against everything, climb up on the doors to 'greet' us thereby also pitting marks all over as well. And let us not forget the tons of "doggy spit and nose snot" on the bottom glasses when they want to see whats happening!.. Yeah, thats a battle I deal with almost everyday.. Cleaning the glass. So, this is before the new paint on the doors, jambs and trim.

Anddddd, here they are completed. Much much better in my opinion. It took me almost 3 days to complete them but I finally did. I even sliced my hand open on an exacto knife and cut pieces out of 2 of my fingernails.. I never said I was a DIY maven.. Im just learning.. No judging.. *Giggles*..

This side of the doors faces my living room

And this is the back of the doors that face into the kitchen and dining room. 

A huge improvement I think and I also think they came out pretty well considering it was my first time ever repainting the doors. 

Yesterday and today I spent the day repainting all the trim in the dining room and kitchen. Sorry forgot to take photos. This afternoon I began another project. 
I have my moms old curio cabinet. Old, when I say old I mean about 18 years old. Unfortunately it got some pretty massive water damage from being stored away and I felt super guilty about it. My mom didn't have much in life so every piece I have I want to keep. Well the hubs knew how upset I was and fixed the bottom of the cabinet that was completely warped with some wood puddy an some other stuff and shaved it all down so the door on the bottom will open correctly again and I decided to paint it since the bottom is now a completely different color. All shades of black and dark brown. 
These photos are just what I got done today. Its going to need a second coat and possibly a third but I am trying my hardest to save it. I don't want to part with it. 

After it's all finished and the paint has all been scraped off the glass I will post a photo of it.. We've also come a long long way in redoing the guest bedroom that never got completed. The walls are painted, the trim is painted. I have a new futon I got on the cheap as well as two lamps and two small tables. I will post photos of that room when it's completely done. I am trying best I can to do that room as cheaply as possible because we really don't have much money to spend. So between re-purposing items I pick up or using what I already have, it's coming along nicely, just slowly. 

The next room I want to tackle when the guest room is complete is my guest bath..
So. all in all, Im finally getting to some home improvements Ive waited for a long time, my body is in pain in every place a person can be in pain but I'm happy.


  1. The thing about painting that is nice is it makes things feel almost new. I do not like painting baseboard but it surely makes a room look a lot cleaner. I don't know how you are doing all of this with all the dogs around!! I used to have trouble at my old house because my cat would jump on things I painted. He would jump on the window sills, and the railings to the stairs etc when things were not quite dry. I tried shutting him up, but he went berserk, if you know what I mean.

  2. oh, I meant I like painted baseboard, I just don't like doing the actual painting! on the knees and so low!

  3. I locked all the dogs in the den with Lou for hours.. LOL.. I did have Bailey with me when we were painting the guest room and you know he just HAD to end up sitting up against the wall! So when I was done fixing that I had to clean him up too...Today when I started the cabinet of my moms he was very good and sat on the futon the whole time.. I think he finally got the hint. LOL

  4. Oh, look at you go. Great job on the doors! The cabinet also looks great. Much better in white. Can't wait to see the finished product. Last time we painted anything, our dog ended up with a white nose. Good thing she doesn't mind a good hosing in the front lawn.

  5. Hi- Finally getting around to visit- I have been running like crazy the last few weeks and catching up here and there in blogland as I can. Good job on painting the doors. That is a BIG job. Your curio is going to look great when you have it all painted, too. Sounds like you have been busy and productive. Sometimes the pain is just worth it, isn't it? xo Diana

  6. Well done friend! So nice to bring new life to older pieces/spaces. Cheers!

  7. What makes repainting your door an exciting activity is that the idea of restoring back to life what used to look dull. Color fades in time. Keep in mind that any minor home improvement is enough to create a huge impact and uplift the appeal of your house.

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