July 9, 2013

No Thank You Sally Hansen!

Has anyone ever tried using those nail polish overlays that Sally Hansen has out? They look like this 

I tried them last week. I was intrigued. I sat down and applied them which took almost an hour, not bad considering I'd never used them before. They were easy enough to get on. When I was done my nails looked like this.. 

I thought they looked nice and according to the package they are supposed to last up to two weeks. I thought, great! No need to do a manicure for the full two weeks.  The directions also said, that these strips come off with nail polish remover just like any nail polish. Well, last night I decided I was sick of looking at them and I had bought this Granny Smith Apple green color I wanted to try so I began to take off these Sally Hansen Nail Strips. When I tell you it was a mess? 
It was a HUGE mess!..

These did not "just come off using regular nail polish like any other polish". After thirty minutes of scrubbing with nail polish remover and then filing the rest of it and using many choice words along the way I can now definitely say I will NEVER use these again.. Have you ever tried these? If you did, did you have a hard time getting it off too? Oh, and let me not forget to mention how expensive these are as well!.. Lesson learned..


  1. Oh dear! I thought your nails looked so pretty Robyn! Maybe the glue was too new to be scrubbed off so soon? But yeah, it shouldn't take that much sweat and effort to get them off. I like their new nail polish that is 7 salon finished in one. Especially on my toes! Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  2. Oh I hate it when things aren't what they claim to be. I am in the dirt and water so much with my hands that I can't stand anything. I tried fake nails in the Winter. They really help my fingers from not splitting, but they just aren't me. Never been a girly girl. lol! Look so pretty on others, but me, not so much!


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