July 21, 2013

Personal and Medical Updates..

Hi everyone, 

Thought maybe it was time for a personal and medical update for those who are following along...

We'll start with the hubby.. He wasn't feeling well for about five days and I figured he had a sinus infection just by his symptoms. I've had them chronically for years so they are extremely familiar to me.. Off to the doctor last Tuesday and sure enough, sinus infection. Tuesday night he began to have this horrible hacking cough. It was much worse by Thursday evening so I said thats it, you're going in tomorrow for a chest X ray. He just had double pneumonia in March and I did not want to head there again. Doctor told him it was a good thing I sent him in as he also has bronchitis ontop of the sinus infection but thanks to God, no pneumonia. We caught it earlier enough.. He's been put on double antibiotics of Levaquin and Doxycycline plus I've been using Vick's on his chest (he hates it but it's a childhood remedy that always works on chest and head congestion) plus I bought a cough suppressant all around congestion stuff. So, Lou is on the mend, slowly but mending.

As for myself, I've had a migraine for the last 4 days. The first night was absolutely horrific. Never in my life did I ever have migraine pain and sickness like this before. I've had them in the past but this was just, there are no words. No matter what I tried, heat, cold, Tylenol etc. Nothing worked. It was horrific. Then I said to Lou the other day, "ya know whats weird? How is it that I am the one with chronic illness but when you get sick I don't catch it?" Dumbass I am. I spoke to soon. By last night, (my sinuses have been killing me for days) I felt like I'd got hit by a Mac Truck head on and then it backed up over me to make sure it hit me. I called the physician on call for my Dr's office to see if I could get an antibiotic called in this morning, because common sense tells you I have the same thing my husband does, minus the bronchitis (for now) and the covering Dr says to my husband "oh well I can't call her in anything because I don't know thats what she really needs, she'll need to see her doctor in the morning" I was SO pissed off.. I felt like calling her back and asking her if she thought I was an idiot..All I need is a damn antibiotic so I can get this thing on the run before I get the bronchitis end of it.. Lou is going to call back in the morning to speak to my doctor because he can't drive me there due to the lightheadedness he has from his sinuses and I am in no shape to drive either, I don't think anyway. We shall see what happens. It amazes me how uncompassionate some can be when you're sick but then on the other hand I do know how cruel some doctors can be. Afterall it's not them sick and in pain so they don't care. .

On a personal note, we finally finally! got our guest room painted. See, my house needs a lot of work because my husband has been in and out of surgery for the past ten years. Back surgery every two years and a neck surgery thrown in there as well. The things that need to be done like painting, replacing the carpeting etc . I can't do it because I don't have the strength or energy so everything has been on hold. Now we are going slowly, room by room. Starting with the guest room which is really like "my own personal woman cave" really. I plan on decorating with things I already own because there really is no money to buy anything and whatever I don't have I'll try and make. I will post before and after pictures when it's finished.. 

In August my family is coming down! I haven't seen them since 2007. To say I miss them doesn't even begin to describe it. I wish my health were better so I could travel  up to Jersey but it's not possible and it sucks. So, I can't wait for them to get here. They will only be here a week but I'll take it! Any time I can get with them is precious. Before they come I need to get some white paint because I need to paint my French doors that separate my living room and dining room and I also need to paint my French doors that lead to the outside off my dining room. Anyone who has multiple dogs understands how the bottom of the doors can get all dirty from the dogs laying up against them etc. I've been wanting to paint them anyway so now I have the perfect reason. 

Recently, I also came to a decision regarding my health. I can not get into Duke University until Jan 24th but I need dental work and it can't wait anymore for my doctor to decide what he thinks is best. You see my chronic illness has taken a massive toll on my teeth. I have over the years spent thousands upon thousands trying to save my teeth but it's kind of like trying to swim upstream. No matter what you do it doesn't work. Well, those thousands are all gone and the dental work is all gone once again too. I have teeth that have fallen out, my gums have receded in certain area's etc. My medical doctor knows I need a good oral surgeon who can work with all my health issue's but he doesn't know where to send me and I have no dental insurance. I called looking for clinics, even a dental school for an initial exam but there are none around here anywhere. As for dentists with sliding scales there is only one and he's not a surgeon which is what I need so in light of that I decided to put up a Go Fund Me page and see if anyone would help. Now please understand I am not writing this to get YOU to help I am just posting as an update on what I am trying to do. 

When I blog, I write like I talk. So basically Im just having a conversation with my readers. Anyhow, I put up this GoFundMe page and have had a few generous people donate and so far I have atleast half of the initial exam which is a good thing. I have to start somewhere and finding out how much damage there is and what needs to be done is the place to start....

I've been doing some cleaning out, purging if you will. I have a few high end handbags I tried to sell but got no bites on them. I am thinking of donating them to Good Will. If anyone is interested leave me a comment and I'll post the bags here if someone would like to buy one. I am also going to be working on my shoes later. I have SO many shoes, most that I don't wear because of my one foot and I was thinking last week, why have all these shoes when I only wear a few of them constantly? Time to get rid of those too. Some are brand new others barely used. I will post them too and if no one wants them I will take to good Will also. 

I guess thats about it for this update.. The weather here in the South is the typical southern summer weather. Hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms and 3 minute downpours each day..

I hope everyone is well and having a wonderful summer! 

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