July 12, 2013

Products I'm Loving Right Now & Reviews

Hey everyone!

I've been wanting to do this post for so long and it's finally here. I've been wanting to share with you the beauty products I've been using lately and loving. This is a lengthy post and well, if you're not really into make up products you may want to stop reading but, if you love make up like I do then read on and enjoy! 

By the way, just so ya'll know, I am not being paid to write about these products or give my opinion. They are just products that I've been using this summer and really liking and wanted to share with you all. So without further ado, on we go..

First up.... Face Products.

I have tried a few primers from the drug store and I wasn't impressed at all. Then I tried Smashbox's Photo Ready Primer because I had gotten a sample and I wasn't impressed with that either. So for me even though Laura Gellers Spackle is a bit expensive, it's totally worth it.. 

What it does: Applied after your moisturizer or can be used alone. Creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup. Helps your makeup last all day so it doesn't seep into your skin and disappear and helps fill in fine lines. 

Why I like it: This product has an amazing, amazing cooling sensation when it goes on the skin. It feels so incredibly good on my skin. It's not heavy by any means, my skin still feels like it can breath. it's super, super moisturizing which is what I need as my skin always feels like a desert no matter what season of the year it is and it truly does what it claims. 

I was for most of my life a true CoverGirl. I never used anything but CoverGirl Clean Makeup Foundation but over the last year or so my skin along with my age is changing. It's even dryer than before, I seem to have more blemishes, a few broken capillaries and so I needed better coverage but also something that wasn't drying or too thick.

This L'OREAL True Match Lumi Foundation in Light/Fair seems to fit the bill. Honestly, I've been using a few months now and I am still unsure. I mean, it looks nice, it applies nice, doesn't feel or look cakey or heavy but there's something lacking and Im not sure what it is but for now, I'll be sticking with it. 

Why I like it: Not heavy or cakey, seems to have average coverage, applies nice with a foundation brush, perfect skin color match. 

As far as concealers go I am still on the hunt. My problem is, because my skin is horribly dry no matter how much hydrating stuff I use on it, the skin under my eyes is very thin and very crapey. I have tried so many concealers and no matter what I use it crapes. So for right now these are the ones I am using because out of all the ones I've tried , these two seem to make my eyes the least crapey. If you know of any other product that doesn't crape at all, is very hydrating and gives good coverage please let me know but Im afraid it doesn't exist. 

Revlon Colorstay Concealer in Fair/Light

Why I like it: Gives medium coverage, is not drying, doesn't crease as most do. Will I buy it again? Jury is still out. 

Now this product, Im still unsure about but I keep trying. 
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser. 

What it does: It's supposed to cover dark circles under your eyes. Does it live up to it's claim? Well for me, yes and no. The problem with this product I find is that it is very thin. Hydrating yes but thin so when you first apply it sure, it looks great all darkness vanishes but when you go to blend it in the coverage somewhat disappears and you can see darkness peaking through again. Now if you're supposed to keep it on all cakey well then this product is something I won't ever buy again but I dont' think you're supposed to wear it that way..I've been using it as more of a highlighter after I put on my concealer. 

Why I like it : Highlights the under eye skin nicely. 

Lets talk face powder!

Normally I wouldn't use any kind of powder because of my dry skin but it's summer time in the South and that means hot hot heat and tons and tons of humidity which equals, face meltdown if you're outside for any given time. I had been using another brand for a while which I really like but so many people were raving about this Rimmel Stay Matte powder I had to try it. My color is 001 Transparent.

What it does : Sets your foundation and concealers. Can also be used to tone down accidentally putting on too much blush or bronzer. 

Why I like it: It's light, not heavy, doesn't look cakey.
While I do like this powder I may go back to my other one. I haven't made the final decision yet. 

Bronzer anyone? 

Honestly, if someone would have suggested I use a bronzer I would have told them they were out of their mind. I am very very fair skinned and most bronzers are too orange for me and make me look like a skinny oompa loompa but not this one!.. 

Why I like it: This Wet N Wild Bronzer is the first bronzer I've ever been able to wear that actually matches my skin. Of course you can always build the color up but I only put on a light sweeping in area's where the sun would naturally hit my face, blend it out and it doesn't look very dark at all. It just gives my skin a sort of healthy glow to it. And let me tell you, when you're chronically ill and pasty white all year round something like this is an amazing find! Will I use this again? you betcha! 

Do you Blush?

I have tried many blushes over the years and in all kinds of colors but the ones I find work best for me are pink tones because of my fair skin. But,they must be light pink tones. Anything dark makes me look like I just fell off the circus train.

Here are two blushes that I constantly turn too and will probably use year round. 

First up...

Maybellines Dream Bouncy Cream Blush

Why I like it: Once again, I like the cream because of my dry skin and this goes on like a cream but almost looks like a powder but without the drying affects. I use the color Orchid Hush. It's the most beautiful light pink I've ever found in a blush and you can put it on as light or as dark as you want it. It also has a little shimmer in it so it gives your cheeks a just a tiny bit of glow. Love this blush!

Second on the list : 
Eyes Lips Face 

Now I realize in this photo this blush looks SUPER pink and it does so in the package as well but, when you apply it, it's SUCH a soft pink. you just have to use a light hand. This to me, is more of a matte finish so it doesn't leave any kind of glow. I use this once in a while when I want a change from the cream blush.

Why I like it: Applies very well, isn't harsh in coloring. Price is unbeatable. 

She's got Betty Davis Eyes... Not really but lets talk Eyes! 
I don't spend a lot of money on my make up. Most of it is what is commonly referred to as "Drug Store Make Up" which actually has come a really long way in the last two years or so. Some of it is just as good sometimes better than any high end make up. For me, my eyes are my best feature I think. One day they can be blue and the next they will be green so I like to play them up. Honestly speaking though, when you're older (over 40) a good eye shadow can make or break your look. As I was saying, 'drug store brands' have come a long way and the one eye shadow I am simply and absolutely loving is.. 

Maybelline's Quad in Velvet Crush.

Why I like it : These colors are all shimmer, no matte's but the blendability is amazing, they don't crease and they look so soft after you have blended everything together. About these colors being shimmers, because of the ability to blend them you also don't look like a disco ball. I used to think women my age (over 40) couldn't wear shimmer because it looks well, not good but this formula makes that possible, for me anyway. They are also super pigmented. The staying power in these is also amazing! I nap everyday, sometimes for 2 or more hours when I wake my eyes still look amazing and if I'm going out the only thing I normally need to touch up is my eyeliner. I love the formula of these and these Velvet Crush colors are awesome. They make the color of my eyes just pop! Love this! Will I buy it again? I plan on stocking up on this color! This is a year round look for me. 

Next Up...

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

I've spent a lot of money on Eye Primers, I've also bought cheap eye primers. In truth, the more expensive one by Laura Geller was the best but as I said, it was expensive for not a lot of product. I needed to find something that worked just as well but had a much lower price tag. This NYX eye pencil is it!

What it does: Used to give your eye shadow something to adhere to for longer wear and true color. If you've never used an eye primer try it, you will notice that your eye colors last longer and you'll also notice that the pigment color is actually the same on your eyes as in the container. This also covers up any kind of discoloration on the lid if you don't use concealer on your lid. I don't because concealer's tend to crease and settle in the fine lines in eye lids. This does not once you blend it out with your finger. 

Why I like it: First, the price tag. I can't remember what it cost me, maybe $5.00? as opposed to $25.00. Its creamy enough, doesn't crease, isn't drying, blends nicely, helps my eye make up stay on and helps my eye shadows stay true to color. Will I buy again? Stocking up on this one too.. 

Liner Notes..

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Pencils

 I've used black eye liner for as long as I can remember. I line the inner and upper rims of my eyes and it's important to me that the liner I use is creamy and applies easily. Some pencils can really tare at your skin. These Rimmel pencils are amazing. Pictured here is a true Black, Natural and Taupe.

Why I like them: They are creamy, they apply very easily, no dragging, they have staying power and the price is right! Will I buy them again? Absolutely.

Bat Your Lashes

CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher & Wet Wild

Mascara is the finishing touch to making your eye look. I've been blessed with very long lashes both on the top and the bottom and these two mascara's really help me play up my lashes.

Why I like it : CoverGirl Clump Crusher, this mascara is just awesome. It honestly is a clump crusher. A lot of mascara's make you look like you have spider eyes (think Tammy Faye Baker may she rest in peace) but this stuff gives me amazing length without clumps. If I use just a tad too much my top eyelashes will actually touch my brow bone. (so thankful I don't need false lashes) It goes on smoothly and has awesome staying power. I also love the shape of this brush. Gives the lashes a good lift. 

Why I like it : Wet & Wild Mascara. I like this mascara for my bottom lashes. Again, my bottom lashes are also very long and the brush on this is nice and thin. It applies well, (I don't end up with mascara all underneath my eyes), doesn't clump up on the lashes and has staying power. Will I use these again? Yes! 

Curl Your Toes , errr... Lashes? 

Revlon Eye Lash Curler

Really loving this eyelash curler.

Why I like it: I love the rubber piece on the inside of the curler where your put your lashes. Protects your eyelid should you get it caught. Yes, it will still hurt but not as badly as a curler without it. I also love the handle. It fits nicely in my hand and one application to each eyelash is all I need for the perfect curl. It also comes with an extra rubber piece to should you need it. 

Open Your Eyes

Benefit Cosmetics Eye Bright

After you've finished your eye make up you may notice that the inner corners of your eyes near your tear ducts look dark. Darkness in this area can drag your eye look down and make you look tired. I am loving this Benefit Eye Bright. Sure, you can use eye shadow but eventually the eye shadow wears off and you have a dark corner again. This product stays put where you apply it and has staying power. The color also isn't overpowering like a white or gold color can be. It doesn't look so unnatural as some can.

How its used : Apply to the inner corner of the eye near the tear duct for a fully awake look to your eye. Brightens up the inner corner of the eye. Helps finish your eye look. 

Why I like it : The color is amazing, it's creamy, applies quickly and easily and has staying power. Will I purchase again? Not if I can find a dupe. If not, yes I will.

What I don't like : The price tag.

Here is a picture of my eye. Look at the inner corner, see the brightness? Thats Benefit's Eye Bright. 

Luscious Lips

Unfortunately I don't have plump luscious lips but here are some of my lip colors I've been loving this summer. 

This is ELF (Eyes Lips Face) Matte Lip Color. 
Sorry for the lousy photo of this. I really like these ELF colors. The color of this one is actually the color in the first photo. I don't know why the tip came out so light and I can't tell you the name of the color because it's worn off on the bottom. Sorry :/

Why I like this: The price on these are amazing. $3.00 I think? They do have some staying power to them as well and good color saturation. The only downside to these is they can be drying so I pair it with some gloss. Will I buy again? Possibly.

MAC Angel

 I only own two high end lipsticks and they are both MAC colors. Eventually I would like more but at $22.00 for one I won't be getting any more anytime soon.

Why I like this: This color Angel is a pink color but it's like a pinkish brownish. It's not a SCREAMING pink but a very muted one. This color can pretty much go with any eye look. Really creamy and not drying on the lips. 


Why I like it: This MAC color is much more pink and much brighter than the MAC Angel color. I LOVE this color but for me, I need to be careful with what eye colors I match it up with. Depending on my eye color and blush color this MAC Snob can be the absolute perfect color or it can make me look I need a big red round nose and shoes 12 sizes too big. I do think though that this is the perfect summer color and would also look amazing on people with a darker skin tone or tan. As with my other MAC lipstick, this is very creamy, not drying and applies nicely. 

Maybelline Vivids - Pink Pop

Oh the colors they come in! I picked this up on a recommendation from someone on YouTube and Im glad I did.. This color is a SUPER LOUD pink.. LOL but it really can look so nice on you with a muted eye.

Why I like it : Its out of the box for me, it looks good on me with my fair skin tone and a muted eye look, it's so creamy and smells delicious!

Revlon Lip Butters 

Oh how I love these! Sorry I don't know the color of this one as it's off the case.

Why I like it : These are dreamy!.. They are INCREDIBLY creamy, I can't even describe how good these feel on the lips. They're just luscious. They do tend to be on the very light side so I usually pair this with another lip color. They are just so super hydrating it's amazing. I have this color and one other. I will stock up on these soon. I think these are perfect for the summer or any time of year when you want just that light sweep of color yet something that feels incredibly creamy. Downfall? They have zero staying power. 

As for staying power of these lip colors. I used to wear all those "long wearing' lip colors but they are incredibly drying. My skin has gotten dryer over time including my lips and now, those long lasting lipsticks look horrific on my lips so I  knew I needed a change. I never liked traditional lip sticks because of always having to reapply but Im getting used too it. Out of the colors and brands I reviewed here, I have to say, while a bit expensive, the MAC brand colors are the ones that have the most staying power. Yes you'll have to reapply throughout the day but not as much as you would with other brands. 

Well folks, thats it. All finished. If you read this entire post I thank you and I do hope you enjoyed this. I enjoyed writing it. Leave some comments about what kinds of products you use, which are your favorites or your flops. Can't wait to read them! :) 


  1. Thanks for the extensive review....I love seeing what other people think about products..it's always a good way to judge how good the product will be.


  2. Robyn, am I remembering correctly that you have auto-immune problems? if so, you might want to look into using cosmetics that are more skin friendly. I think Physician's Formula as well as some at Whole Earth.


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