July 9, 2013

Stay Cool !

Boy has it been hot here in the South, coupled with the humidity and you get, miserable on the weather scale. But, just because it's hot and sticky outside yard work still has to be done. Here in the South this year we have gotten a lot of rain. When I say a lot I mean, it rained last week from Saturday until Thursday and not little showers. It down poured for six straight days. There was a lot of flooding, our front yard was like a monsoon, the rivers were reaching their banks and you could see the water up the tree trunks. Another day of heavy rains and some of those rivers and lakes would have overflowed. But I digress..

When it rains here which is often everything grows like wildfire. Weeds, the lawn, tree's etc. Soon as you're done mowing the lawn or wacking the weeds, two days later its time to mow again. Of course one would be wise to know, when it's hot like it's been near 90 with a heat index above 90, if your'e doing yard work you pace yourself. You take breaks, you go out in the early morning before the heating of the day and stop before it hits. If you want you can then go back out after the sun has gone down..

My darling husband went out the other morning at 730 am and began weed wacking. We have a large lot. Half and acre so thats a lot of weed wacking and mowing to be done. He was only  going to do that until about 1030 am and come in because by that time it was starting to heat up.. Well in his manly fashion he thought "eh might as well get the mowing done too while I'm out here" dumb dumb move.  I, as his wife kept telling him "please come in, it's too hot out there, you're going to get sick and again, I got his stock answer " I'm fine, just get me some gatorade and I'm almost done". He has the worst sense of time.

Two hours later he came in the house, this was after he came upon a wasps nest and got stung three or four times. When he came in , his hands were shaking, he looked horrible and very pale.

He got his clothes off, we cleaned him up with some cold water and then......he proceeded to begin vomiting. Everything he put in his mouth including water was coming up. This went on for about an hour. I tried checking his pulse and it was very weak. I took his blood pressure and it was low. So I panicked. He didn't look right and he couldn't stop throwing up. After almost 40 minutes of arguing, I wanted to call and ambulance he wouldn't let me, I finally put my foot down, told him to shut up and called 911..My dear husband was diagnosed with Heat Exhaustion. By the time they got here his vitals were normal and he seemed a little pepped up (must have been nerves, I know what I saw before hand). They gave him the choice of going to the ER or not and he said no because his vitals were normal. They said OKAY and told him to take it easy the rest of the day. Only tepid liquids, nothing sugary, bland food like plain toast and sleep. Personally I wanted him to go to the ER and get a banana bag (saline and potassium IV) but I knew I was going to lose that one.. Hubby slept for about 4 hours when he got up I gave him some homemade chicken broth with rice, two pieces of dry toast, and a  room temperature cup of chamomile tea. All stayed down and he slept the rest of the night.

The next day which is today, Sunday, he's still weak and tired today but eating well and everything is staying down.

Moral of this story ? If there are men reading this, when your wife tells you to come in out of the heat learn to listen to her she knows what she's talking about. If you ignore her you'll pay the price. Wives? Don't take no for answer, when he puts up too much of a fight, tell him to shut up and take it into your own hands. You can deal with his fall out later if there is any it's worth the argument if you get one.

Tips on how to keep hydrated and safe in the summer heat:

 - Drink 20oz of water two hours before heading outside.
 - Atleast 8 oz of water shortly before going out.
 - Then a gulp every 15 to 20 minutes while you're out there.
 - Drink fluids with food throughout the day.
 - Slow down your pace. Nothing needs to be done all at once.
 - Wear lightweight fabrics that wick away heat and sweat
 - A well ventilated hat with a brim will protect your eyes and face and prevent headaches.
 - Get out before 7 am or after 6 pm.

Stay safe and cool ya'll!


  1. I am in the South, but it has rained for nine days here in N AL. Getting ill from the heat is no fun. It is worse if you have to watch someone making himself ill. You are right about sticking to your guns. I usually go out every few minutes and force water on someone.

  2. Our employees work out under very hot temperatures during the summer, so we cannot stress the importance of not only keeping hydrated, but staying out of the sun and resting. We make them stop every 1.5-2hrs and come inside for some Gatorade and A/C. Always have someone looking out for you, and recognize the signs of heat stress. Once you stop sweating in this heat, get help fast. Glad that hubby made out ok.


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