August 1, 2013

New Do!

Yep, I finally got myself to my hair stylist, only took me a year I'm afraid to say. I was trying to grow it out from the last time I got it cut short. Well in a year it hadn't grown all that much or so I thought until I looked at these photos I took on Tuesday. Now Im wondering if I should have gotten it shorter. What do you think? 

It's hard to tell in these photos but she added some color, blond and red to cover my gray hairs. Yes I have them!

Still not sure if I should have or still should go a little shorter but I do know that hopefully in September I am going to color my whole head in the same red she used to highlight. I can't wait.. So, whats your verdict? Keep it this length or shorter? 


  1. I actually like that length at lot. Great photos by the way! I used to have really long hair until my mother cut it to above the shoulder when I was 17~18, and it has never grown back to full length. Needless to say, I try to keep it mid-upper back, about 2-4" longer than yours, and with no layers.

  2. It looks very cute! I like the shorter lengths on top and bangs! It's perfect for you! Hugs!

  3. Looks darling! Especially the one on the left where you're smiling! Read your hubs colonoscopy experience and yes, the prep is the worst part. I don't remember any of the procedure but they say you're awake? I'll never have another though. I've finally decided that I'm not looking for trouble unless there is some! LOL!

  4. Love the hair!!!!! You are so pretty!

  5. You have beautiful hair and you're a pretty woman. As to going short or not... I now have very short hair...first time it's ever been this short and I'm enjoying it for summer. Come winter, I may wish for it to be long...for the extra warmth.


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