August 4, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Welcome to my Weekend Wrapup.. Posts where I tell you what happened and sometimes show you, over my weekend. This post has lots of photos so I hope you enjoy. 

As much as I despise doing any kind of food shopping on a weekend I had no choice this month. July was a rough month for us financially and we were pretty much almost out of everything. On Saturday morning we began with

I was dreading this because on Saturdays Costco becomes like a lunatic asylum. However, my prayers were answered. We arrived just as they were opening and not too many people had gotten there yet. I was shocked to realize we had gotten there at 10 AM and we were finished shopping and sitting in the car to go home by 10:30am. Score!..
But of course before we left, the hubs always has to get his favorite Costco shopping treat. 

Have you ever had these "Churros" from Costco? I've never had one but hubs says they are delicious. All they are is twisted baked pieces of bread with cinnamon and sugar on them. Kind of gives me a toothache just thinking about them but, he loves them. They're cheap too. Only one dollar! I love that its so easy to please hubs when it comes to food. 

Fighting the traffic to get back home from Myrtle Beach. It's tourist season here and usually we stay far away from Myrtle Beach until the season is over but, since our only Costco is in Myrtle Beach, today we had to make our way through.

So instead of getting all huffy about the traffic and tourists driving like maniacs I sat and daydreamed about where Id rather be. Here and here! 
Yes, I love my makeup, my clothes, my shoes but I also love Lowes. Yep, I'm also a home improvement lover and a NASCAR fan, a Jimmy Johnson lover so I need to support my local Lowers. But alas, I was in neither place.  

Me in the car on the way home trying to ignore the traffic. Pins and needles, needles and pins, it's a happy man who grins!. Now if you're under the age of 35 you will not understand that but if you are over 35 then you know where that came from. Thank you Ralph Kramden! 

Hubs and I all smiles that we made it home in one piece. 

And now for the haul.. That makes me laugh.. LOL.. Why? Well if you watch YouTube videos on beauty and fashion, these women / girls title their videos MakeUp Haul! or Fashion Haul! ( I still don't understand where these people get the money to spend the way they do but thats another post entirely I think) but for me? I don't do Makeup "hauls" or fashion 'hauls" I do real world food and Costco "Hauls" LOL!.Ok yeah...onward.. 

Here is what we bought.. 
Milk, Bagels for hubs (he loves Costco bagels) Coffee,bread,Swiffers (a must with 7 dogs), some meat, Food Saver bags. I love my Food Saver. We also got the Kirkland Paper Towels and Toilet Tissue and that was it. We usually don't buy a lot there. Just our monthly staples. It's cheaper to buy them at Costco than even at Walmart SuperStore.. 

Looks like a lot of milk huh? It is! We go through almost six gallons a month and you can not beat the price of the Kirkland Skim Milk. Only $2.79 a gallon! Some grocery stores get upwards of $5.00 a gallon. So each month we stock up on milk. I love Costco for their meat. You can not get a better cut of meat around here. Their meats are just outstanding. That long cut of meat is a huge Pork loin. On Sunday, Hubs will cut it into pork chops and then the end into a roast. I will put it all in Food Saver bags and it will last 3 months. The other cuts of meat here are two Eye round for $3.89 a pound! and they are BEAUTIFUL cuts of meat. Hardly any fat at all. So now I have two beautiful cuts for roast beef on Sundays. 

After everything was put away I took ..

a much deserved ice cream break! Although my stomach disagree's it sure tasted good. It's so humid here that ice cream was definitely in order. 

I then napped for a while, had something small to eat when I got up and headed out to Walmart to finish up our food shopping. Yep, Walmart on a Saturday but once again, no choice. So at 430 pm off I went. Hubs stayed home because he wasn't feeling so hot. Surprisingly the registers at The Mart were busy but the rest of the store wasn't too bad. I was in and out within an hour. I couldn't get a few things we needed but thats okay, I'll go one day next week and finish. Atleast the bulk of it is done now. Spent the remainder of Saturday night, working on my blog, reading and relaxing. 

Well, today was "supposed" to be a relaxing day for me. I wasn't feeling well so going to Mass was not happening I figured I'd take the day to just rest. Ha! I should know better in my house. Onward!
 Time to start my day with putting a small amount of makeup on. If anyone should pop over I don't want to scare them with my undone face..
Mornin ya'll! 

Time to get the kiddies up. Yes they like to sleep in. Eh, they're old so I let em sleep.Then I get my morning greeting from Matty an Jake who are always waiting for me the minute they hear my foot hit the floor. 

Have to let everyone out for their "mornin bidness"

Then it's off to the kitchen to start breakfast for my two diabetic four legged children. 

Yes, those are eggs in the bowl. They each get a scrambled egg ontop of their food every morning. Spoiled? Yup, they sure are :)
The hubs was beginning to stir so it was time to pop the coffee on and his Sunday morning pancake breakfast. It's a ritual every Sunday I make him pancakes. Yes that huge, ugly 16oz mug back there is all he'll drink his coffee out of. 

Waiting in the food line next is Onyx & Bailey my two colitis having babies who also get a special diet. And then Matty, Jake and Lizzy need to eat too.. 
And people wonder why it costs us so much money in dog foods every month. Ha! 

Let the clean up begin! 
This greets me every morning by the time everyone is done eating. Thank GOD for dishwashers!

Must clean the counters and get all the morning stickies off. Wet Swiff the floors then pull out the stick vac. Seven dogs mean lots of prints and hair.

I need a break! And so I take one to have my morning vitamin shake and work on this horribly messy wall file hanging in my kitchen. Ah there, that's better. All neat now. 

Hubs went outside and was sweating in this oppressive Southern humidity while he was burning our debris. Yes, it's legal to burn here.
When my vitamin shake was done it was time to tackle the angry mountain of mess I call my dining room table..Will ya look at that mess!
Now that the table is cleaned up, file all fixed, I wanted to get that huge pork loin all cut up into chops and a roast so I would have the chops for dinner tonight. These chops are beautiful center cut and about two to three inches thick. For $21.50 I got 19 chops and one nice sized roast. Good deal I say! 

After all that morning work it was time to relax with some of this...
And a little of these....
maybe get a nap in too! 

Yep, so I got a nap in. Only for about an hour maybe a few minutes more. Bailey has a habit of waking me up when he wants to get up. I had a little something to eat and then watched the race with the hubs. 

Afterwards, it was time to feed all the four leggeds again. So we repeat the morning process. Once they were done eating I cooked dinner for the hubs and made those delicious pork chops for him marinated in Krafts new Thousand Island Honey Mustard dressing, along with mashed taters and string beans. Sorry for the lousy shot, I almost forgot to take the photo and hubs had already eaten one of the chops!

I ended my weekend with..the Scriptures for today..

And now, makeup is off, jammies are on and I am going to settle into bed with one of my favorite series of books. 

I know this was a super long post and if you read it all I thank you and I hope you enjoyed it!.. Did you have a nice weekend? What did you do?


  1. That's such a sweet book to read and feel good! We had a quiet weekend and that's nice sometimes, too! Enjoy your evening! Sweet hugs!

    1. I agree! I absolutely love the Little House Books. They are such a simple easy read and so easy for me to forget my troubles and get lost in Laura's words..

  2. What a nice wrap up to your week! I read it all and enjoyed it- xo Diana

  3. Did a bit of company work for hubby, went to a thrift store yesterday, today made crock pot chili and we worked in the front yard for an hour and a half cutting the forest that is our front shrubs back - seven full huge bags of greenery debris but it looks better. Tomorrow we are going to the beach! Cheers

  4. Nice weekend! I didn't know you had 7 ARE busy! I have 2 dogs and 1 cat....plenty for me! But I'd be lost without them. I was going to have "craft day" on Sunday but i never happened. I ended up cleaning part of my family room, doing laundry and then I was too tired to make dinner so I had a can of soup! LOL! The closest Costco to me is 3 hours away...that could be a good thing! LOL! Have a great week!

  5. I love Costco paper products too, our memberships are expensive here, but the products are great.

    Sounds like you are set for the month.


  6. looks like you got a lot done, but got some relaxing in kind of week-end! Costco DOES have good meet. We shop for ours there too sometimes. Enjoy the rest of your week! Debbie


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