September 4, 2013

Blog Hits??

To my fellow bloggers out there, are you finding that your visitor numbers are really high but there aren't many comments left on your posts if any at all? My stat numbers are HIGH but no comments? I"m wondering if there's something wrong with the counter thingy majig?

Thanks :) 


  1. That is par for the course, Robyn. You get maybe 10% (if you are lucky) of people that actually leave a comment when they visit. Kind of sad-but most people only have time to read and don't always comment. Hang in there-xo Diana

  2. I do find the count higher than usual and comments low but I don't worry about it :) Cheers!

  3. Lurkers tend to do that. Read, but may not feel compelled enough or comfortable enough leaving comments. Nothing wrong with your counter, is my guess.

  4. It is the same way with my blog.


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