September 27, 2013

Clean Pores? Ouch!

Hi everyone.
I wanted to share an experience I had this weekend. I am by far no make up artist and I have to be honest when I say, sad as it is, at the age of 43 I know nothing about skin care. I should seeing that I am now older and am having issue's that women of my age do but I am completely lost.. 

On Saturday morning I did something no woman who is the age of 43 that does not have perfect skin should ever do.. I..... flipped over my mirror to the magnifying side and it was... horrifying!! HUGE pores and Oh my, the blackheads. I was mortified all by myself in my room. I quickly called The Hubs who was out at the store at the time and frantically told him to pick me up some of those "black head strips" you know the ones I mean. Well he did and I tried them right away. All I can say about that product is, never again...
It did nothing to remove the blackheads. What it did do was to turn my skin on my nose and on the sides of my nose beat red and dried my skin out to the point it was flaking. Panic mode. 

I gently washed my face and used moisturizer and all was well thankfully. I was on Facebook chatting with a friend who suggested I try a very mild daily pore cleanser and scrub each day. So, I took her advice on what brand to buy and this is what I got. 

I have to tell you, this stuff is A MAZE ING!. I've been using it every night now and it is seriously cleaning up my skin or, atleast it seems that way to me. It's so gentle too. The blackheads although small, seem to be slowly going away, I haven't noticed much in the way of pore shrinkage but hoping over time that will happen and when I am finished using this my skin feels like SILK!. It feels SO clean and SO smooth, I was completely blown away. This is one product I do not see myself giving up any time in the near future or....ever..

Have you ever used this? What do you use on blackheads and problem pores?


  1. I use Neutrogena Pore Refiner Toner. It works really good.

    1. How is the Toner on the pores? Does it shrink them? Thank you so much Rhitter for coming by blog and taking a moment to comment!


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