September 30, 2013

Not For Me...

Hi everyone. 
Welcome to my "Not For Me" series where I review products that I don't like, don't work or just fail to live up to their claims. This could be anything from a beauty product, to clothing, to appliances, to housewares. So I hope you'll tune in each week to see what I have.. 

As for today I will be reviewing these two products. 

I have heard in recent months lots of women raving about the CoverGirl and Olay Concealer in the little pot. Well CoverGirl decided to ditch that, which I don't understand why because everyone said how wonderful it was and they replaced it with this Eye Rehab. Now I can't say if the formula was changed because I was never able to try the original but I figure, how much different could it be? So I picked this up. Now please remember this is just my personal opinion. This product may work well for lots of women but for me, it's a definite no no.  Why is that? Because I have very dry under eyes and the skin likes to wrinkle and everything under the sun creases. This was by far the worst concealer I've tried and I've tried many many of them. Its a thick consistency and it would just tug on my already very very fragile under eye skin. I will probably throw this out and of course not repurchase it. I have yet to find a creamy enough concealer that gives great coverage at the same time. If anyone knows of one please do tell?

Since I had bought the CoverGirl and Olay Eye Rehab Concealer and it was a buy one get one 50% off at my local Walgreens I thought I'd give the Whipped Foundation a whirl. 

I thought I couldn't go too far wrong with this as I have used CoverGirl Clean Foundation in the jar for many years. I should have thought again. While the coverage is really excellent with this it is again, very thick and drying on my already dry skin. It wasn't a good thing for my skin. So sadly, I will probably be ditching this one as well. Live an learn... 

I have since gone back to my L'Oreal True Match Lumi and am very happy for now but I would still like to find a nice hydrating, light weight foundation with good coverage.. Do they even make such a thing?

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