September 3, 2013

Too Heavy....

On Friday of last week I had to take Bailey,
Yes this little man
to the vet because he's been scratching and itching like he has flee's which he doesn't.. I started him on Prednisone last week but even that isn't helping. So the doctor said Bailey has two problems. The first is he has allergies like a human can have allergies and the prednisone alone isn't going to cut it. He has put him another type of steroid called "Temaril" I think thats what its called which is a lower dose than hes on now but also has some kind of allergy properties in it too. We will be starting that tomorrow (Saturday)..

Bailey's second a biggest issue at almost 13 is he is obese. I have changed his food several times, cut back etc and the weight just doesn't come off. He is a Lhasa Apso and this breed should be between 13 and 20 pounds. Bailey weighed in today at........31 pounds!!
Tonight we started his new diet..This is what he's eating now..

Hill's and the University of Tennessee came out with this new metabolic diet for weight loss and it seems to be working well in obese dogs. Bailey went from 1 1/2 to 2 cups of food twice a day all the way down to 3/4's of a cup twice a day and only ONE cookie a day which for him is like , tragic because cookies are his favorite thing in the world... We started his new diet tonight and I can report he is NOT happy and neither am I because I know it's my fault for letting him eat as much as he wanted and having as many cookies as he wanted all the time. So the guilt is just palpable..

I pray it gets easier for him. Being sick myself and not having been able to swallow many solid foods in ten years I know what it's like to crave your favorite foods and not be able to have them so the fact that he's having to do this is pretty much ripping me up but I have no choice if I want him around for some more years and I DO!..


  1. Is he under any sort of exercise? Something as small as walking around should also help. We keep food out for my parents' dog all the time, full bowl. But when she starts gaining weight, we take turns taking her around the block or throwing balls repeatedly and the weight just melts off. If only I could have that sort of metabolism!

  2. Poor pup. You need to put him on a treadmill, too!;>) It is hard to deny our pets what you know they love, isn't it? xo Diana


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