September 22, 2013

Weekend Wrap and Catch Up....

Saturday was an at home day. The first one I've had in oh about, three weeks! and boy did I need it. I could use a few more to!. I got a lot of laundry done, cleaned up the clutter and paperwork thats been piling up for weeks. Got 'some' house cleaning done although not a lot as I'm not feeling so hot lately which I think I'm feeling more run down than anything else. I did manage to get a nice hot shower in last night about 10pm. That was really it for Saturday. 

I planned on staying home again on Sunday but as usual, our plans are always subject to change and usually without much notice. I did want to attend Mass but I knew from the way I was physically feeling on Saturday night there was not going to be any way I would be out of bed and on time so that didn't happen. I did manage to get out of bed around 8 am. We did our usual morning thing, fed all six dogs, cleaned up from that albeit I am moving slower than usual and then I found this really great recipe for a roast chicken in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The only problem? I don't have a roaster with a rack in it..Yep, it's true. I've been looking for the longest time for one but couldn't find one. 

Anyhow, I said to the hubs why don't we try Bed Bath and Beyond at the mall or one of the stores there that only sells things for the kitchen but, the mall doesn't open on Sunday until 12pm, by the time we get there, shop and get home it will be near 3 pm and that doesn't work for my body so, the hubs told me to check the K Mart website and low and behold they had a really nice roasting pan with rack on sale by Sandra from Sandra Lee. Off we went. K Mart was having a ginormous sale on so many things but I got the roasting pan, a salad spinner which I've needed and wanted for a long time. The hubs got a new belt which he also needed and a pair of sneakers that has the velcro closures because since his back surgery he can't bend down to tie his shoes anymore. He's lost that range of motion.

I napped in the afternoon, had something to eat.. Talked on the phone for a bit, we fed all the four leggeds again, the hubs had left over pizza, I took off my makeup and did my daily facial cleanser scrub, put on my Aveeno night cream an my pj's and have been in bed ever since just relaxing. 

By the way, Happy Fall Ya'll!
Playing catch up...Life has been very busy for me in the last three weeks. I don't think I spent one day at home except for this past Saturday which is the reason for my lack of posts. I've been so tired at night and I haven't found the time during the day. 
We spent Saturday of Labor Day weekend in the ER with the hubs. He had bronchitis again. This makes the third time this year. Then he was complaining of chest pain which he was checked out very well at the ER but they couldn't say 100% it wasn't his heart so next stop was to see the cardiologist. The first visit they gave him an EKG and an Echocardiogram which checked out normal but the doctor said although he doesn't think the pain was from his heart, lets give you and me some piece of mind and do a chemical stress test. So that was last Weds. It was a three and a half hour test and not the same as a normal stress test. Because of the hubs spinal reconstruction in Nov last year the Dr. didn't want him running on the tread mill. He was afraid the pounding could hurt his spine so instead they inject you with a massive amount of chemicals that simulate running on a tread mill. It raises your heart rate quite a bit, gets the blood really pumping, opens everything up. Then they take photos

Most grateful to God, it was all normal. So the doctor said he'll see him in a year. The only side affect the hubs had from the chemicals was it made him very cold and he had a pretty bad headache for a few hours after that. 

Then there are the dogs. Bailey started itching, scratching and biting a few weeks ago. After trying steroids etc nothing was working. So I suggested testing him for Cushings Disease. Why? Because Lady, (miss my girl) Baileys mom had diabetes and we believe Cushings but could never get a positive test for her. Then there's Shadow, Baileys brother who is also diabetic so it could be very possible while Bailey is not diabetic he could have Cushings. We had to wait 5 days for this result to come back which was normal thank God!. So we tried another medication called Temeril - P which is a steroid also an anti-itching and something else. Bailey was put on a powerful dose and it worked. The vet had me drop his dose on Friday and I can already tell he's not feeling well again so on Monday morning, I will be calling again first thing. 

Then on Friday afternoon of last week at 5pm my Onyx who suffers from Colitis (if you have a queezy stomach stop reading right here)
went to the bathroom, number 2 and it was bright red blood after which he proceeded to throw up all over the place. With Colitis you can have bouts here and there but when you start seeing bright red blood you have a problem and when you're throwing up with it you have an even bigger problem and it was a Friday. So me and the hubs rushed him down to the vet. We were there almost two hours, he got the antibiotic to settle his intestines and an anti nausea pill. All worked, Onyx is feeling a little better, still not eating like he should be but that will come in a few days I'm sure.

All of this? Only happened in the last week. As for the weeks before, to be completely honest, I've been so busy and so tired I don't even remember them.

So there is the weekend wrap up and a little catch up. If you've read my whole post I do thank you!.. 

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