September 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Unfortunately, Saturday did not go as planned. I "had" planned to do a day in the life blog and try and catch up on some house cleaning, de-cluttering papers etc but the Hubs lungs had other idea's.. Sorry, I don't have any photos to show you.. 
Friday afternoon the hubs came in from outside after having put away all his fishing gear and moving some boxes in one of our sheds. He was sweating terribly which is not unusual for him as he's done this all his life. What was unusual was he was absolutely so short of breath he scared me. Of course being the 'stubborn" (insert many other four letter words here) he is, he refused to go to the ER. He was short of breath all day and night, had some pain in his chest where his lungs are and he said he felt like his lungs were on fire. He had been coughing during the week but it's been SO humid here and we've been so busy neither of us gave it much thought. 

Saturday morning I took him to the ER where we spent three hours. They hooked him up to an EKG monitor the whole time, took cardiac enzymes to make sure he wasn't or didn't have a heart attack or some kind of other heart issue. They also put him on a breathing treatment after listening to his lungs as the doctor heard alot of "weezing" and "crackling" in the lower left lung and that is where Lou has been having pain. The X ray didn't show anything so it was diagnosed as bronchitis.
This is the 3rd time in as many months that he has had this. In January of this year, two months after his eight and a half hour back surgery he came down with double pneumonia. In April he had bronchitis, in June he had bronchitis and here we are again in September. 
We plan on talking to his doctor and asking if the last surgery may have taken a toll on his lungs and have him refer us to a pulminologist. The rest of the day was spent at home taking care of the house, the dogs and the hubs. I went to bed by 7pm because I was so exhausted.
Since Saturdays plans went another way, I had no choice but to go food shopping on Sunday. On Sundays I like to spend that day all for the Lord. Mass, prayer, taking care of my family with just a little bit of extra love but had to get some food in the house. 

Since I had gone to bed so early on Saturday night and was asleep by 10:30 pm, yes thats early for me I woke up the first time at 430 and then finally at 5 am. I couldn't sleep anymore. I did my usual morning thing before getting out of bed. Read the papers on my phone, said my prayers and got up to make some eggs. 

I usually dont get up to make something to eat so early so I never realized how quiet my house is in the morning before the sun comes up and yaknow, I kinna like it! I got breakfast ready for all the dogs so all the hubs had to do was feed them and I made him some fresh coffee. I got myself ready and was out the door headed to Walmart by 8 am. I first stopped at Walgreens to pick  up the hubs prescriptions and then headed down..We have a newer Walmart here in my area and I really like going there better than the one nearer to my home because it's so much cleaner and nicer. Unfortunately though they aren't stocked well enough and I can never get everything I need. I don't know what made me think today would be any different but it wasn't, so I will have to finish this week but atleast I got the stuff we were completely out of.. By the way, when did groceries get so expensive!??!!?

Anywho, I was home by 9:45 am. I put everything away. Cleaned up the house a little and by 11:30 am to be honest I was super tired. I'm not used to starting my day so early but I am going to try to from now on and hope my body gets used to it. I loved being out the door so early and finished before 10 am! It's now almost 8pm and I am laying in bed waiting for the NASCAR race to come on from Atlanta, hubs is sleeping on the couch, all the dogs are quiet and I am relaxing until I have to feed my diabetic furbaby at 830 and then his shot of insulin at 930, after which I will probably go to bed and be asleep early.. 

I hope you all had a wonderful,blessed and relaxing Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. Sorry about your hubby's health, wishing him to get better soon. We drove 2 hrs to visit Mom on Saturday, did some work around her house then drove back same day. Yesterday some yardwork and chores. Today some company business before I go back to work at my other job tomorrow. Kind of nice to have a three day weekend though!


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