September 9, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up...

Saturday I didn't do a lot because we went out for a while. Our veterinarian whom we've been with for almost ten years had an open house at one of their offices so we went to that. It was nice to see everyone and socialize for a while. 

This is Petey and he belongs to one of the top vet techs named Lisa who owns a farm in my town. She has goats, horses, sheep I think, dogs, cats etc. Saturday she decided to bring Petey to the party. He's really very sweet but he's also a character. He's a clean goat meaning, he doesn't like getting himself dirty. Its really very funny.. LOL

They also had face painting for the kids, some free things, goody bags. I got a nice new food scoop for the dogs food and we got this awesome smelling candle in the scent "Coastal Breeze". Can't wait to try it. There was also grilled food as well and a vendor selling some really nice quilts and pillows she made all with cat and dog themes. Would have loved to have bought some pieces but it was bad enough I spent $25.00 on a couple T-shirts for the hubs and I . It was a nice day but once it started getting too hot and humid we headed home. I wasn't feeling all that well but wanted to go and I'm glad I did but I know once the heat and humidity hit with not feeling well it's a bad combo for me and its time to go . 

We didn't do much the rest of the night except relax.  I futzed with my nails for a while 

We watched the NASCAR race and I went to bed early. 

For once, Sunday morning went as I wanted it to. I was up at 7 am. Got the hubs up who took care of Shadow, our diabetic furbaby who has to eat by no later than 830 while I got my make up on and got dressed so we could go to Mass. We haven't been to Mass in quite a while. Too many reasons as to why to go into but I am glad we were able to get to the 930 Mass this morning. It's the one thing in life I find true joy and peace in. We got to see one of our favorite priests and chat with him for a few moments after Mass. Then it was back home to reality. Feeding the rest of the dogs, cleaning up the house, running the dishwasher etc. I"m just finishing up a load of laundry, getting ready to feed the four leggeds and make hubs his traditional Italian dinner on Sunday..

Then it will be off to the shower and early to bed. Oh, Boardwalk Empire premiers tonight! I'll DVR it and watch during the week. Anyone else watch that show? How was your weekend? What did you do? 

Three things I am grateful to God for today :

1. Being able to go to Mass

2. Being able to receive our Lord in the most Holy Eucharist

3. Having the hubs at Mass with me today. 


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend all the way around! We had a great weekend, too. xo Diana

  2. Your nails look incredible! Wish you were close by to help me with mine! heehee! Enjoy your week! Hugs!


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