October 16, 2013

First Timer....

Now just what did you think I was going to write about? *smirk*

Ever since turning *ech hem* 43, yes, I'm 43. I admit it but, if you ask me how old I am I'll deny it.. 

Moving on.. my nails do not grow anymore. In fact, they are a hot mess! They split, peel, rip etc. No matter what treatment I try nothing works. I began doing my own nails again. Years ago I learned how to apply tips and wraps just like a professional. This was way before acrylics or gels were even a thought. One time I tried to get acrylics but the smell was so bad for me ( I have chemical sensitivity, Google it) it made me awful sick and I had to stop, get the ones off that were put on and leave before I threw up all over the salon. Needless to say, that was my last attempt at having my nails "done"..

Over the last few months I had been doing them myself the 'old school way' with tips and wraps but honestly, I got so tired of dealing with the upkeep I decided to go to one of the local nail salons here in my town and give Gels a try. I explained to the guy my health issue's with the smells so he used some kind of non smelling gel. The tech asked me how short I wanted them, I told him I cook, I clean, I type, I need to be able to use my hands without my nails "getting in the way". So he cut them down telling me that length should be good. I did the whole thing with putting your nails under the UV lamp to cure etc. I got the white french manicure, I know, everyone has that but I've always liked it because it just looks classic and clean. After which he put my nails into the UV light again I 'thought' to cure the manicure and I was on my way.. 

By the next day I was having a fit... First, they were too long. Trying to type on the computer was like trying to scratch your brain through your nostril and they were getting in my way of everything.. They were too long. I went on the internet and it said that "Yes you can file down your Gel nails if they're too long" and off I went to hunt down my files and get to work. Then I got this pretty glitter polish I wanted to try over the french manicure which I did but to my surprise when I went to take it off with remover not only did the clear glitter come off so did my french manicure! I thought it was "cured" on?!?!

So here are my nails a week later.. 

Oh and did I mention that the thumb nail on my right hand, the corner of it broke off? The cuticles look like crap as well and I've come to the conclusion that despite being tired of the upkeep on my own, I can do my own nails much better
'the old school way with tips and wraps' and this was an expensive lesson to learn.


  1. oh my gosh, Robyn, I cannot imagine having nails that long. I'd never get anything done! I keep my very short, mainly because I hate them breaking off when I catch them on a metal gate or farm equipment. that really hurts!

  2. Whenever I see the square shape nail it always reminds me of spatulas. Try a more up-to-date look with a softer rounded look.


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