October 18, 2013

Lipstick Diaries.....

I think I need a twelve step program or at least some kind of intervention.
lately I am obsessed with....yep, you got it...Lipstick! Always on the hunt for that 'perfect color" that "lasts" and doesn't wear off with one sip of a drink.

And, and, and, I think I've hit the holy grail of drugstore lipsticks that have both..and I would like to share them with you..

Let me just say that Long Lasting Lipsticks are 'usually' very drying to the lips but I have found that none of these are. I have Sahara Desert lips so for me to say these are not drying, you can take my word for it...

L'Oreal La Matte & La Laque
In complete honesty I have to say that these are simply amazing! They are so creamy on the lips and silky smooth. When you first put them on, yes they do feel heavy and a bit tacky but I usually blot once, reapply and then they are nowhere near as heavy feeling or tacky. The best part is they have amazing! staying power. I was completely shocked. They wore well through eating and drinking. They aren't an "all day" wear but you can get through your morning and lunch with them and may have to reapply a small amount but the staying power is there for sure. The colors are also vivid and beautiful. They have wonderful color pay off.  These are new and I am not sure where you can get them. I found these in my local Walgreens and they only had a small display right now. When I asked if they were bringing more in the clerk said she wasn't sure but she thought they might be soon. I also know someone else had found them at their Target. I checked my Target last week and they didn't have them. I've swatched them so you can see the colors. 
Sorry for the way my skin looks. I have no CLUE why it looks like this but seriously, my skin is not alligator like in real life.. 
They don't have color names printed on them only numbers so, the top one is the Le Matte and that is number 403
The second one is a La Laque in 411 (and my favorite), the third is a La Laque in 413 and the last is also a La Laque in number 412.

The Fergie Collection by Wet N Wild

This is another collection I was pleasantly surprised by. These are the Fergie lipsticks that Wet N Wild had put out. Last week, Walgreens had a world wide event for five hours only. I can't remember what day it was but from 4pm to 9pm all the products in the Fergie line were on sale and the sales reps also had coupons. Now these cosmetics aren't expensive to begin with so there were deals to be had! I have never tried anything from this line but since the prices were so low, I'm talking $1.67 for an eye shadow quad and $2.00 for a lipstick I bit. Went N Wild is discontinuing this line so they didn't have much left. The lipsticks above were really the only shades left so I thought I'd try them and I am happy to say that the color is very saturated, again, these also have much staying power and they aren't drying either. These are a win in my book both for the price and the properties. 

The top color is : Fergie Daily, the second color is V.I.Pink and the last is, Ferguson Crest Cabernet. All great colors for fall.

Kate Moss Collection by Rimmel 

Now these were a definite shocker for me. I have always found Rimmel lipsticks to be super drying to the point I can't and won't wear them. I think they are just horrible but these? are amazing! They are matte which I love but they are also creamy and they last! The pigmentation is also really great, there's no funny smell and they are not dry at all. I would like to get a few more of these if they come out with lighter shades. They have a few which I bought but the rest are too dark for my skin tone. Yet another winner for me. 
Again, no color names just numbers. The top one is number 113 and the bottom one is number 101 and my favorite. In fact I bought two of this color. 

Hard Candy All Glossed Up

Where do I begin.. Hmmm.. Okay well, these are supposed to be a 'lip gloss lip stain'..Firstly, they don't stain anything because they don't last long enough to stain anything. Secondly, they feel almost slimy on my lips. I am not a huge fan of gloss to begin with and I don't like anything slipping all over my lips but these things are like an oil slick, at least thats how they felt to me. They come right off on EVERYTHING and within minutes any color they may have had is completely gone. Which leads me to my next complaint. The color pay off.. There really isn't one. Let me show you in this swatch. 

As you can see they are 'thin' in color. They also look very similar but in real life the orange colored one actually is more pink than the pink one is! It's completely weird. The one thats supposed to be pink is kind of like a thin reddish pink but there really is no color pay off here at all. It's a shame because I had such high hopes for these. I've never had any experience with the Hard Candy brand and now I see I'm not missing anything. These were a definite flop for me. 

I hope you enjoyed these reviews. Please let me know if you did. Have you tried any new lip products recently? 

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  1. It's so hard to find the right color of lipstick. My sister sells Avon and sent "Sheer Mocha" and it's fabulous! Not much color, matte finish and has fair staying power. For some reason, I've had it with a lot of bold...brash...color and this hint of color was just right. It's much like what the detective wears on Castle...perfect!


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