October 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up..

Yep, I've been gone a week. Life gets busy, I wasn't feeling well etc but I'm back. So, on to the Weekend Wrap Up!

I still wasn't feeling all that well on Saturday and had planned just to make it a down day. Seems 'the crud' is going around all over the country and I'm not alone in my feeling lousy. After having cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast for The Hubs and the four leggeds, The Hubs said, "Hey what about going to Lowes and picking out the rest of the paint colors for the house?" We are in the process of painting all the rooms. My body was screaming, no don't do it but my brain was saying, shopping! Why yes! Lets! And off to Lowes.. 
Here are the colors we chose.. 

The color "Young Fawn" in the photos looks a bit gray but it's not. Sorry for the poor lighting. It's a very cloudy day here today.. The color is actually a very light brownish pink. Very neutral yet not white which is what I want in each room. Neutral colors but not white nor cream. We are going to use this color in our bedroom which is a dark room, doesn't get a lot of sunlight and the master bathroom that is right off our bedroom. Another room that doesn't get a lot of natural light. I will take before and after photos of each room. 

This color Elephant, is on the grayish side. We are using this color in the Den and the living room. Both rooms that do get a lot of natural light.

These two colors above we are using the in the kitchen and the dining room which could be considered one big room but , they are separate rooms. In the kitchen we are going to use the lighter color Taupe Tone because there isn't a lot of wall space in there and what wall space there is, is in the darker area's of the room. So it's not to dark a color nor to light a color. We are also going to paint our kitchen cabinets white so the white cabinets and the Taupe Tone should look nice together.
The second color Paper Bag we are using in the dining room. This room gets a ton of natural sun light and when we painted a swatch of the Taupe Tone from the samples we bought, because of the amount of light there is in this room the color actually looked like an off white which is what I don't want. So we are going with the next darkest color on the chart so that the two rooms, although different colors flow nicely together. Once again, classic neutral but not white.. 

That was about it for Saturday night. I took a shower and felt like I was going to pass out from not feeling well so I was in bed by 7pm where I watched the NASCAR race, read a little and went to sleep. 

The plan was.... isn't that always the way?... The plan was.. to get to 9:30am Mass since we haven't been in a couple weeks due to one of us or both of us not feeling well.  The morning started out well. We were up, showered, had breakfast, dressed and out the door on time.. 
We arrived a bit early which I like to anyway so I can spend some time in prayer with the Lord before Mass begins. We were there maybe five minutes? I had just gotten done praying when The Hubs began to complain that his face felt hot and itchy, then his ear, then his back, then his legs etc.. I pulled up his shirt a bit on the side and sure enough... hives! and they were now traveling up his neck as well. So we left and headed home. Yeah, I drove like 80 miles an hour. When we got home all I had was Childrens Liquid Benadryl . Why you ask? Because I am very medication sensitive so small doses go a long way with me. The Hubs took 4 tsps and it wasn't working well. So then he took another 2 tsps and finally the itch stopped for the most part and he fell asleep. We aren't sure what caused them but The Hubs thinks it was this honey ham he bought from Food Lion the other day. He's eaten it before but he said that it smelled different almost like smoked ham and not the honey ham. It was all he had to eat before Mass so it had to be that but, we're not 100% sure. 
I ran to Walgreens in the afternoon after my nap and picked up some Adult Benadryl Liquid caps

 and thats about it for Sunday besides the usual. I'll be working on my blog, feeding Shadow at 830pm (my diabetic 4 legged), and then settle into bed with a book and read for a bit to unwind before sleep. Do you read before sleep? I find it helps my brain to slow down and I seem to sleep much better when I read before going to sleep. How about you? 


  1. I like your paint colors. Hope you show us the newly painted rooms when you are done. '
    Glad you caught those hives early on. They can be really miserable - xo Diana

  2. A fresh coat of paint is always welcome isn't it?


  3. Good morning! love all the paint choices! there is just something about fresh paint huh i am wanting to paint our kitchen cupboards Maybe after the holidays hope your both feeling MUCH better soon! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. I have been painting at my house. I'm hoping soon to get my reveal up of my painted kitchen cupboards. I went white and love them. It's just getting hardware put back on and then I'm going to share. Amazing what a face lift paint gives.


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