December 3, 2013

Dental Update...

Today, Tuesday, I was finally able to get in to see a dentist with the money I was gifted through my GoFundMe page. I was able to get a complete exam and a full set of X-rays. 

To say I am a bit out of sorts, somewhat confused and very upset would explain my feelings very well at this point.. 

It turns out as the doctor said, "I have more going for my mouth than I think I do" but thats not to say it isn't bad nor is it to say that I don't need major work done..

The bottom lines are thus : All of my top teeth except for two need to be pulled. He then wants to put in a partial on the top. 

All of my bottom teeth except four need to be pulled and he wants to put in another partial.. 

My gums need to be 'bled?" That confused me a bit...

After all is said and done, the price I was given today for just the top work and only half of the bottom work is ................$1988.00....NO they do not do payment plans, I have no insurance, I can not qualify for Care Credit nor can I qualify for a loan...So as it stands, MONEY is what is standing between myself an a healthy mouth and no pain which I am in pain in a few teeth. 

All of his treatment plan, although lots of work and I'm sure lots of being uncomfortable sounded like music to my ears.. Maybe I could FINALLY have my mouth healthy and looking healthy and maybe I would feel a little better physically and then.......... I was slapped with the reality of how much it would cost.. 

At this point, I am completely lost because it may as well be $10,000.00.. I don't have 2 grand to get started, I can't get a loan and with all the bills we have to pay there's no way to save it.. Even if I did save $100.00 a month it would take me 2 years almost to save enough to even begin. I am at a complete loss and tonight feeling very very hurt over it all.. 

Sorry my update wasn't better...


  1. maybe you could find a different dentist that takes payment plan?

    1. Well thats what Im going to look into starting tomorrow.. Don't know if I"ll find one but I have to try ...

  2. What about a dental college? If there is 1 in your area that could be an option, sometimes the work is free or really cheap as the students are learning with the instructors supervision. May be worth looking into.

  3. Frustrating! Dental work is so expensive these days.

  4. I was going to suggest a dental school also. We have several that offer free or extremely low cost care and the people I know who have gone(including my mom) have said the care was even better than the regular dentist since the teacher is watching and on hand the whole time. I hope you find a solution. Sorry I didnt have a better suggestion :(

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  6. Taking good care of our teeth can be expensive, but it is definitely worth it. You might be having lots of trouble paying for the treatments, but at least you're on your way to having shiny teeth. Well, I hope you've found a new dentist who's offering payment plans so you don't have to worry too much about how to pay for the treatments.

    Clinton Zelman @

  7. I can imagine how painful your journey will be. However, to attain healthy teeth, we have to sacrifice in one way or another. I also hope that you'll be able to get a new dentist with a favorable payment plan so that you won't have any trouble in spending for your treatments. I'll be looking forward to seeing your updates. :)

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  9. Hi Robin! I hope you could share more about your dental journey. I scheduled a visit to my dentist next week and I'm bothered about the bleeding and pain in my teeth. I hope they won't remove all my teeth though. It's scary indeed, but since you passed it, I guess I can survive it too. How are you now? :)

    Florence Sparks @


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