December 2, 2013

Little of This, Little of That...

Whew! Remember me? I know I've been gone from here a long time, sorry about that.. Things happen.. Also, sorry no photos in this post. Would you like to know where I've been? Read on.. 

Actually, I haven't really been anywhere, just not here. In the past two months we've had a lot going on or planning major things that I hope will go on.. The biggest one is, moving. The time has come to pull up stakes here in South Carolina, accept the defeat, end the agony and move back North. Sounds easy right? Wrong.. There are quite a few obstacles in our way that I am 'trying' to get around but it seems there are no quick fixes for. Firstly would be our six dogs. While I never, ever thought Id' be the kind of person who would give up her furry kids the time has come where I need to think with my head and not my heart. (not easy for me to do) but the bottom line is, my health is in jeopardy and my life has to come first this time. So having said that, I've been trying without much success to rehome my three big dogs. "I thought I had a home for one or two of them, the woman even came to my home and spent two hours here with Matty and Jake and then turned around and never called me back again. Since then, not much action with finding them new homes. 

I finally sold my bedroom set. It took me like a YEAR but I let it go for an insanely low price and I guess thats what did it. I downsized majorly but it had to be done. The set I had was beautiful but it was also a HUGE 4 poster bed and all the other pieces were just as huge and my room simply is not big enough. 

I also placed an ad on Craigs list about looking for a home to rent in the PA, NY area. I've gotten a few bites but unfortunately not anything we were looking for except one. I spoke to these nice people who spend 6 months in Florida and they left for Florida the day after Thanksgiving. This home would be perfect for us AND they said we could bring our dogs with us. The woman was supposed to email me photos of the inside of the home they have for rent but she never did. I am seriously hoping she just got caught up with Thanksgiving and then going to Florida. I have her numbers both in NY and Florida and she has mine and she said she will keep in touch with me (since we aren't planning on moving until around May 2014) and I hope she means it. We shall see.

In the meantime, we still have to live in our home (which we'll never be able to sell, whole other story for another day) and I decided well, since we are kind of in a "living situation limbo" since we are still here I want to redo our bedroom since I have been wanting to paint for the last 10 yrs. So, thats what we did.. Well thats what hubby did. I've not been feeling well at all so I wasn't too much help for him. He finally painted the walls, primed and painted all the wood work and doors and we finally got new carpeting. Then we shopped for about 48 hours for furniture. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I LOVE to shop but when it comes to furniture shopping? I ABHOR it.. On the third or fourth day of going to this store, that store, thrift stores etc we finally agree'd on a set. Hubby had a week to get the walls painted, wood work and doors painted and the new carpeting in which, he did and our new furniture was delivered the day before Thanksgiving. I'll try and get some photos up. The decorating isn't done but the room looks MUCH better.. 

Why would I do this if we are planning to move? A few reason.. Firstly, we have no idea right now where or when we will be moving only that we will be. Secondly, if any of you have been following my blog for any period of time you also know that I've been sick for many many years, and my chronic illness has taken a severe toll on my teeth and no amount of dental work is going to save them. Trust me, I've tried many times and spent thousands only to end up in the same position. I even tried an online donation webpage to see if I could get some help but was only able to raise close to $300 thanks to some very generous individuals. Unfortunately I'm going to need much more than that but it's a start. So I figure, since we don't know 'when' we will be moving and I 'will' be seeing a dentist to start this process, if I have to be recovering, I want my surroundings to be comfortable and calming. The way my room was before was a mess, everything from the walls to the floor and no you couldn't relax in here. NOW I can. That is why hubby did the work he did. As for the dentist, I have my first appointment tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 11 am for X rays and to see how much it will cost to have them all pulled and anything else I need and I am PRAYING endlessly that they will agree to a payment plan and one I can afford since I have no dental insurance because this HAS to be done. It's gotten that bad. I will let you know how it goes.. Please say some prayers for me..

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