January 21, 2014


Hi everyone, 

I wanted to give a small update on our housing issue. It "seems" we have found a place to live back in New Jersey.. We have spoken to the owners quite a few times and they sent us a lease via E-mail on Sunday. It is a five year lease which I understand is pretty unheard of but for us, its a good thing because not only are we moving we also have to get our credit back in line and rebuilt. That will be a whole other story for a different day but, five years gives us a good amount of time to do that. We are also able to take our dogs with us and, as most of you know, they are our children and the thought of not having them with us was just, well if you love a furchild of your own then you know what I am speaking about. 

As many have done and are doing, we are also downsizing in a major way. The house we are too rent is much much smaller than the home we live in now. Like, much smaller. My house here in South Carolina is 17 hundred and some change square feet where as the new rental is only 864 sq.ft.. My husband isn't too happy about but honestly, the smallness doesn't bother me. I rather a smaller home. With my limited energy and physical strength it will be much easier for me to take care of.

As for the financial aspect, I couldn't understand why the rent was so cheap especially for the area it's in. If you know anything about New Jersey then you know almost everywhere is expensive to live no matter if you're renting or your buying and the area we are moving to is well, let's just say it's a very "money" area, pretty much smack dab in the middle of northern New Jersey. Back to my original thought. I couldn't understand why the rent was so cheap AND it also includes all utilities except my cable and phone bill.. For the area I am moving to this is UNHEARD of..So I've been scratching my head. The owner sent me photos, the home is really nice, the landscaping is really nice, the area it's in is very very nice so I thought there has to be 'something!"..When I got the lease on Sunday night I was finally able to Google the exact address and thats when I think I may have found out why the low rent with the utilities included. 

When we were talking to the owner my husband had asked her how many square feet the home was and she was honest, she said she didn't know but she would ask her husband. Well we had so many phone calls going back and forth and we were just so excited that we are FINALLY going home and the location the question got forgotten about. The owner also had mentioned that it was near a train station but neither of us elaborated on that.. When I Googled last night, thats when I found out the home is only 864 sq.ft. and... the railroad tracks run pretty much behind the house. So these two things MUST be why it's so cheap. Being from NJ mostly all my life I know that in this area, most people who will rent a home there are what used to be known as (maybe still are) yuppies. You know, career centered people who make tons of money, commute to the New York City everyday etc etc and if that still holds true I can't see a couple wanting to rent such a small home right next to the railroad.. Maybe I'm wrong? If anyone from Jersey is reading this whats your take on my theory? Am I far off?

So those are the negatives of this home. Small (which I really don't mind) and the railroad but the positives much outweigh the negatives for me. Firstly, financially we will be able to save atleast $1000.00 a month to put in the bank to go towards my much needed dental work. Where we are now, our bills are so high and the mortgage is so high we can't save anything. Secondly, it's close to New York City and also good hospitals and doctors in New Jersey which I WILL need and lastly its only about 35 minutes away from both mine and my husbands families and friends. I can't ask for anything more as far as that goes. It's everything we need. So I can deal with the small house and the railroad, no problem..

We haven't signed the lease yet but that will come probably in the first week of February and in the next week or so my family is going to take a ride up to the house to check it out just to make sure it's exactly the same as the photos that were sent to me. Once the lease is signed that will be it and we'll be packing over the next few months and pulling out of South Carolina the last few days of May.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for reading my post.. Do you have any thoughts on anything I wrote? Maybe some advice?


  1. My only advice, start purging your home immediately, move as little as possible to your new location. Fingers crossed it all works out for you!

    1. That is exactly what we'll be doing. I want to move with only the necessities. Nothing we don't absolutely need. I've wanted to live this way for a long time so this is a much welcome change.. Thank you SO very much for coming by and commenting : ) XO

  2. 5 year lease?! And I thought 1 was long! I personally would not do it. Not because I lack commitment, but that's a bit severe in my opinion... cheap or not. I don't know or think the location and space are the only factors. Maybe they are, but I'd be weary... I wish you best of luck. As cheapchik said, purge purge purge. Set a ratio. For starters, out of every 5 items you keep, toss 1, then drop the ratio to 3:1. Toss or donate anything you haven't used, doesn't fit or is one of those "I may use it one day". You won't, trust me. And if you do, you'll be able to buy it.

    Have you visited the place in person? I would, even if that means travel expenses. See it face to face before moving and signing the lease, during the day, during the night, the afternoon and early AM hours. Review the lease carefully and see who's responsible for repairs, maintenance, visits, contract breaches...

  3. I think you are a "grass is greener" person, your glorifying this move, your gonna lose your house for some crappy TINY rental, you say you want to be closer to "family" but in reality the family members have their own lives and more than likely wont see you as much as you think, not because they don't care about you, its just because people tend to live their own lives. I really think your going to regret this move, your hyping this move thinking your new move is going to be amazing and a dream come true, I don't think it will be, it will be your exact same life just in a smaller rental, Im not being mean, just realistic I would really sit down and be realistic in your head, DONT glorify this move, 99.9% of what you think is going to happen in your new life wont happen and 1-2 months after the newness has worn off, your life is EXACTLY where is was at your other place, but now your in a shitty little rental, wishing you had your nice little house back

  4. That's what I was going to suggest - have one of your family go check it out in person first. Boy, I don't think I could commit to a 5 year lease! What if they were terrible landlords? you'd be totally stuck. I'd offer them a 2 year lease agreement. If they are trying to get 5 yrs that kind of tells me they have trouble keeping it rented. I know you are kind of stuck because of the dogs, but be sure you are prepared to live there 5 years without seeing the place yourself.

    I know you really want to be by family, but like you said NJ is a high cost of living area, especially compared to where you are now. Maybe you should find a smaller, cheaper place to live and work at saving for your dental work that way. Get downsized for a year or two in the area you are now and then make the move to NJ

  5. Sounds like a good move for y'all but, like the above, have someone check it out BEFORE you sign the lease. A 5 year lease is seriously confining and, should the property be horrible, you're stuck. It won't take long before you're at each other's throats with no place to hide.

  6. I found you at Sandra's Thistle Cove Farm. I love Sandra! I really was moved with the comment you left for her & so now I'm following you! Big hug from Houston, Marsha


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