January 19, 2014

Too Much Crap....

Yes, I am still around.. Sorry it's been so long but as I've said in the past, life has a way of getting in the way a lot of the time..I thought I'd post an update for you if you're interested and I will try and keep it brief but I make no promises.

We have had a lot of well, crap going on..

Living Situation: Lou and I decided a few months ago it's time to move back north. My health has suffered here and it's not going to get any better. The more doctors I see here the more they have no idea what to do with me. Also, I can not take being away from my small family anymore. It's been almost 14 years that I have lived here and I can't do it anymore. Plus, my eldest nephew is becoming a first time father in April to a blessing of a baby girl whose name is "Olivia Grace", I love the name. So it is time to leave and go home. We have been actively looking for a place to live in NJ, NY and PA but its not been very easy with 6 dogs. I have had many inquiries of people telling us they will rent to us with the dogs but so far, no money has changed hands and nothing is concrete so Lou and I have been living in a kind of limbo which I can tell you is not the best way to live but for now we don't really have a choice.

At first I was trying to rehome some of the dogs. I tried and tried, word of mouth, ads, internet ads, rescue groups.. nothing.. then as I sat here one night just before someone was to come and look at Lizzy the next day and more than likely would have taken her home, I panicked. I couldn't handle the thought of losing them. That may seem insane to some of you but if you have an animal that you love like a child then you'll understand, if you don't then you won't..I know there is a place for ALL of us and it will come. I just keep praying and putting our lives in Gods hands and it WILL come..

Then there is the subject of my teeth. As most of you know and incase you don't I will give a brief background. I've been sick for 20 yrs, lost my ability to swallow 98% of solid foods over 10 yrs ago so my nutrition is not the best. Due to this most of my teeth have broken an fallen out. I finally was able to afford to go to a dentist for an initial appointment the second week in December. I have no health insurance which is why it took so long. Anyhow, the price quoted me just to begin the work was $2000.00. I almost fell over.

This past weekend I went to see another dentist whom I was told about through a friend. My friend said he had spoken to this dentist, told him about me and the dentist said he would do the work pro-bono. I thought to myself seriously!??! Someone will actually out of the goodness of their heart help me just because they want to help? So this past Saturday I had my initial appointment. -Unfortunately, there must have been some mis-communication on someone's part because there was no "pro-bono" and infact, he quoted me $4000.00 and I almost passed out. There was also another issue with this doctor whom I was told was such a nice man and for the most part he was but he also wasn't. I"ll post more on that at another time.

So, I am back where I started with my teeth or whats left of them. The only way I can see clear of getting any kind of help is moving back home into something smaller with a smaller rent payment than my mortgage is and saving as much as I can. Then I can begin to get my mouth fixed. I hope..

These things may not seem a lot but it's all been dragging out over months and when it seems your living in some kind of limbo in almost all area's of your life by the time 9 pm comes your brain is so tired of thinking and from talking the last thing you want to do is sit down and right about. Thats why I've been so absent.

If you have any questions on anything I posted here please leave a comment and I"ll get back to you as soon as I can and I do hope to be back to blogging more by atleast next week..


  1. I'm so happy to hear you are making plans to move back home and be near your family. I'm sure that will help you and get things going on the right track for your health and teeth. Do you have your home up for sale? I know it must be hard trying to find a place that will take the dogs. Good luck and keep us updated :)

    1. Hi there
      No we can't sell our home. When the economy tanked in 2008 home values in my area of South Carolina never went back up so its about 30 to 40K underwater and seems it may stay that way...We have found a place to rent near my family and it's a good thing all the way around. Thanks so much for coming by :)

  2. You need to be back home in the North, hoping everything works out smoothly, good luck.


    1. Yes I sure do. Thanks so much for coming by my blog :)

  3. So is your home up for sale yet? I hope you get to move much closer to family; that should be good and maybe you will find some docs that can help?

    1. Hi Kim
      No we can't sell our house as it's about 40K underwater since the economy tanked and the way it looks it always will be.. So we are going to end up doing a short sale or something along those lines...We have found a place to rent which is much smaller than our home but Im good with that and it's only about 35 mins away from my family and NYC and good medical care. We will be able to save money so I can get my teeth done hopefully we can start that process by the end of the year...


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