February 17, 2014

Housing, Health,Teeth, Stress & Prayers

Hi Everyone, 

I wanted to thank you for all the comments you left about my last post and give you an update. The home I posted about previously, the super small one. Well, we aren't moving there. After giving it some thought there were just too many cons that outweighed the pros. Such as, the size for one. 860 square feet is super small. Then I found out that in order for me to be able to access the basement which is unfinished and get to the washer and dryer I would have to go, "OUTSIDE" because there is no access to the basement from the house. That would have meant dragging my laundry outside the house to the backyard and down steep concrete steps to a dark, dank , concrete basement. Umm, maybe if I was 21 I wouldn't mind but at 43 and in my health it wasn't going to happen. 

In between this post and my last there have been a few other homes we have been working with, one in upstate NY and another in Pennsylvania. Both have fallen through. I don't know what is wrong with people. They say one thing, agree to everything and then when it comes down to signing a lease they either disappear or they change their mind at the last second. Yes it's happened to us.. 

Currently, we are working with a man who owns a home in PA about an hour and a half further from my family but I can handle that. So far all seems to be going well with this one. I will know more tomorrow.

On a different subject.. As if we don't always have enough things happening at once, my husband will be going in for some digestive diagnostic testing on Thursday of this week. He's been in a lot of pain along with a lot of bloating which makes him not want to eat. We are both pretty concerned and scared as well. So Id like to ask a favor of you. Would you please kindly keep Lou in your prayers that it's not anything serious? I can tell you that neither of us will be able to handle it if it is.. Thank you..

As for me, my teeth are still an issue. Just last night a tooth on the bottom that is broken decided to abscess and my jaw blew up like a balloon. I went to my MD today who put me on an antibiotic and it must work quickly because by this evening the swelling was already going down. Thank you God for small miracles. I also called the dentist I saw in December and while I don't have the money to really begin getting my teeth healthy, his office manager who is a very nice woman quoted me a price of $266.00 to get the two teeth on the bottom pulled that are broken and causing me problems and she is giving me a 5% discount. So I will go in March. Please pray I don't get another abscess before then. 

I think I have brought you all up to date as of right now. Will post again soon. I hope all is happy and healthy in your world.. 

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  1. Don't say you can't handle it if it becomes bad. You CAN handle it. And you will, if it ends up being bad. I'll be sending good wishes your way that it is not bad, but if it is bad, it's better to be prepared than be hit like a deer in the headlights with denial. You're stronger than you give yourself credit for! Good luck with the March appt!


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