November 6, 2014

And.... I'm Back!

Well... Hello Hello!

It's been a long time hasn't it?... I guess I shall start at the beginning. I had moved my blog over to WordPress but my blog over there seemed to take on a new theme and that was "beauty".. I have over the last four months begun a YouTube channel surrounding all things beauty and that was spilling over into my blog which left me a might confused . I suddenly no longer knew what I wanted my blog to be about.. Personal writings which I love to do or write about beauty which I also love to do. In the end , my WordPress blog started to become a blog of confusion with one day being a personal writing then lots of beauty posts in between and , I wasn't comfortable with it so I stopped blogging all together and focused mostly on my YouTube channel surrounding beauty..In recent weeks though I have missed my personal writings that I do for myself, friends and family. So, I decided to come back to blogger and pick up my personal blog.

I was torn between which platform to use because while I like blogger and have some followers here, or did have some, truth be told Word Press gets much more traffic on my blog. I did decide to come back to blogger though and while I know I don't get as much traffic to my blog here I do miss the small feeling of blogger so, here I am!

I have much to tell you , much to bring you up to date on but for now, I just wanted to pop in , say hello and I will get to writing very soon. I hope you will all come along with me on my return to blogger...

See you soon! :)

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