November 16, 2014

Hoarding? Can We Talk About This?

Good Sunday evening everyone!

It's cold outside tonight in South Carolina. In fact, it's been super cold for the last three days.. At night we are reaching the freezing mark or below and during the day we are only getting to about 52 degrees or upper 40's.. Yep, my kind of weather.. 

Now that I've given you the weather report let's talk about the subject at hand shall we?
As most of you know I have really gotten into YouTube in the last few years and in the last 5 months making my own videos.. I've also come across on YouTube people who do what they call Dollar Tree Hauls, or GoodWill Hauls, or Salvation Army Hauls. If you search some of those terms on YouTube you will see there are hundreds of people who have videos about this.. 

Well I began to watch some of them a few months back. Now this is where YouTube can be a dangerous place especially is you're a shopaholic like myself. At first I thought, "Wow!, look at all these great deals these people are getting at these stores! I have to go check mine out and see if I can get me some of that!"..I did go to my local Dollar Tree and thankfully, yes I said thankfully, they really didn't carry much of anything I saw on YouTube...

Wondering why I said thankfully? Well, why I do not condemn anyone spending their money they way they chose but for me, I realized that even though it may dollar stores, thrift stores etc. It's still money and all these trips to these dollar, thrift stores add up after a while but it can be deceiving if you're only paying a dollar here, two dollars there. 

Then I started to pay close attention to some of the people who make these videos and show what they bought at these types of stores and listen closely to what they say and while I am really sure most of these people are very, very nice people, atleast they seem to be. The truth is, they have a hoarding problem. Most of them buy things just to buy things. Some of them even say they have no idea what they're going to do with this or that and some have even said they bought an item just to keep it.. What what what? Why would you spend hard earned money on something you really have no use for just to keep it? To me that screams, "I have a hoarding problem"...

It goes right back to my last post which you can find here Why Do I Do This? about unnecessary spending. Now don't get me wrong. I would never tell anyone how to spend their money and hey if you have such a large disposable income to spend it that way then more power to you but the people I've watched don't "seem" to have that kind of life and so I began to look at them with pity in a way. I feel sorry for some of them because it's like they just can't stop themselves and I know what that feels like.. 

How about you? Do you do a lot of shopping at Dollar Stores etc for items you don't really need?


  1. Hi Robyn, I was with my middle sister and mom tonight and we said, "we all have something." It's true. I go to Dollar Tree for one thing - Bazooka bubble gum. We live near 2 or 3 but only one has the Bazooka. While I'm there, I'll take a look at boxed cookies and if I can repurpose some type of kitchen or desk organizer into a makeup organizer. For me, it's about the Bazooka! Now when it comes to other stores, that's a different story! I'm in a daze when I go into Target - I love everything.

  2. Hi.
    I know I'm late to respond to this post, but I wanted to comment.
    I watch haul videos and I notice how many haulers say, "I grabbed this" instead of "I bought this."
    I also hear, "It was just too cute to pass up" and "It was too good of a deal to pass up."
    Just interesting.


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