November 8, 2014

New Life, Sprucing Up, Saying Good-Bye

Hey Y'all, Happy Fall!... 

Yes, yes, I know it's November but here in South Carolina on the coast we are just starting to get our first tastes of Fall. It's getting cooler , the heat has already been on and the leaves are turning colors and dropping from the trees finally....

 It's Friday afternoon. Mid afternoon around 4:40 PM. I'm sitting in my freshly painted (well 3 month ago freshly painted) living room that is newly decorated, I have a candle burning that I bought at the dollar store called Sugar Cookie and it smells delicious! This room has become one my most favorite room in the house. Yes I will share photos. It's been cool today, approximately 61 degrees right now which for a Southerner which my body temp seems to have become, thats downright cold! The sun should be going down shortly and I thought I'd grab myself a cup of coffee, sit down with ya all and bring you up to speed on some more happenings from earlier in the year.

In April of this year I turned forty-four.. Yes, I was shocked too and at the same time my family was blessed with the gift of a new life. You see, my oldest nephew who was born when I was fifteen is now a father to a daughter of his own and while it's been seven months in all honesty, I'm still trying to wrap my head around that!..I guess you always see your children, yes I love my nephews and my niece like my own children, you always see them as young. Wishing they were still little guys but, time marches on and before you know it's marching across your face.. LOL .. sorry couldn't help that one.. Yep, before you know it, time moves on and so quickly and they stand there before you all grown up with a family of their own. I introduce you to my great-niece (yeah that will make one feel old) Olivia Grace. Her name is as perfect as she is. 

My nephew Billy married his girlfriend Kim and created a family together. They have Olivia shown here and Billy also has two step daughters now as well. He seems happy and as long as he is, that makes me happy also! To my great regret I have yet to get up to New Jersey to see my new niece and hold her, hug her, kiss her and love on her due to health and money reasons but I am praying that God wills to help me get there soon. 

As I wrote of above, my living room is finally finished. I almost can't believe it. Due to my husband having a back surgery every two years since 2005 a lot of repairs, painting etc never got done because of his back problems and due to my health I do not have the energy to handle it alone so it had to wait. We finally started in June with painting walls, trim, the front door etc. I replaced the window treatments and blinds and just last week finished with the wall decor. I even painted my own furniture! Yes I did!..I was going to try and sell my end tables and coffee table but after shopping around and seeing the cheaply made furniture thats out there now unless you have an arm and a leg to spend which, we don't I decided to keep my well made furniture and simply paint it.. Yeah, I say simply.. it took me three weeks! But, Im glad I did.. I will post photos for you soon...

In June of this year, sadly, Our priest and good friend passed away. His name was Father John Silver and he was, a big part of my life. I had gotten to know Father John about two years ago and he was in every way a priest and a father to all those who knew him. Fr. John had a way of making you feel like you were the only one in the room when you were with him and he listened. I mean, truly listened to everything you had to say. He loved all of his spiritual children, each and every one of us and he made sure you knew it . It wasn't just words with him. You knew he loved you and you couldn't help but love him back. 
Father John had an interesting life. As you can see from this photo he was quite older than most men when they become priests but that's because before being ordained a priest he was a deacon for many years, he was married and had children as well. When his beloved wife passed away, Father decided to go onto the priesthood and how thankful and blessed those of us who had the honor to know and love him are for that.
I think of him very, very often wishing he were still here because Father always had the right words I needed in every situation I would find myself in. I miss his guidance, I miss his love, I simply, miss him. 

Well, I think thats it for now. I think this is enough for you all to take in. We are up to June now and so I will be back with another post shortly and continue on.

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