August 8, 2016

Life Updates! Where Have I been???

Hello all my Blogger friends!

I posted last week that I decided to come back to the Blogger platform and why. If you missed that post you can read it here . So I thought for those of you who are on Blogger and read my blog here I would give you some life updates on what's been going on since I last used Blogger.

The last time I posted on Blogger I think was in 2014. Since then, my husband and I both being Catholic had gotten remarried in the Church in October of 2014 on our Sixteenth wedding anniversary. It really was a beautiful day.

2015 was filled with a lot of losses and surgeries. My husband had gallbladder surgery and was also still recovering from his second partial spine reconstruction surgery in December of 2014. We lost three of our furbabies that year. Shadow at age 12, Onyx at age 13 and Lizzy at only age 9.

In October and November of 2015 we added two new furry kids to our home. Both were abandoned and one, our Sarah was near death when we found them. We know as of now they are putbull terriere's and are mixed with we think dalmation but one of these days we are going to have DNA tests run on both so we know for sure.  Thankfully today they are both healthy and happy. Well somewhat healthy.. This is our Sarah

And this is our Toby

In June, of this year Toby had hip dysplasia surgery. He is still healing and we are waiting to see if he will have to have the other hip fixed as well. 

2016 which I thought was going to bring better days did not start off very well either. In January our air conditioning / heating unit blew and had to be replaced. It was old and was never the right unit for our home to begin with. That was something the builder happen to get away with when he built our home because we and others in my complex didn't know any better. We called a few places and all were outrageously expensive except, for one man who came in here touting his Christian charity ,how he couldn't in good conscience leave us with no heat blah blah blah. Well, I fell for it hook line and sinker. We were told he would install a two year old, three ton unit for $2500.00 US. 
Well we only had just opened our savings account (trying to get out of debt and be more financially responsible. Some of us learn late in life) so we had just $1300.00. Our friends lent us the rest. After the unit was installed my husband decided to do some research on it and it turned out after calling the manufacturer it wasn't a two and a half year old unit nor was it a three ton. It was in actuality a SEVENTEEN year old, two ton unit. Yes, ripped off big time. 

My husband wanted to sue but after going back and forth with the man who "was SO nice" who then turned out to be quite nasty and arrogant I agreed to him giving us back half the money and being done with him. I figured its an old unit, we now paid next to nothing for it, it was running well, maybe we could get a couple years out of it until we could save for a new one which would run between $4500 an $5000.00 US. 

In April, this man here, the love of my life...

had a heart attack on a Saturday morning. He hadn't been feeling well for a few days before hand but, with all his back problems he thought it was just something else to do with his back. God was so very good to us this day. So many blessings on this Saturday morning. We made it to the ER in time. Yes he wanted to drive because he thought he just had some really bad heartburn. He actually didn't begin to have the actual heart attack until about forty minutes after we had been in the emergency room. From there things kicked into high gear and moved so fast, without the grace of God neither of us would be alive today. He was quickly transported to the bigger hospital here in our area where they specialize in the heart, whisked directly up into the cath lab and had a stent placed where they were able to stop the heart attack. He didn't sustain any damage to the heart muscle and he was home in three days. His life has changed drastically in many ways an my Italian, pastry, pasta, red meat loving husband has had a shock to his system as far as food because now he eats things that he never paid much attention too. One day I will write a post on what he does eat and maybe it can help someone else.  He does have to still be careful because he has some small blockages in some lower heart arteries but the goal is.. NO MORE heart attacks. Please keep him and me in your prayers. To say I have recovered from the events of that day would be a lie. I seem to have a tad bit of PTSD and I deal with a lot of anxiety where he is concerned but I try every day to put us both in the hands of God..

May brought more heartache. I lost my heart, my Bailey after fifteen years of companionship. My best friend, my baby and the love of my heart..

In June we had another unexpected surprise with four feet come our way. We were at the vet office with our Matty who has hypothyroidism and while there a few of the techs were telling us about his tiny little dog they had that was found abandoned and would we like to have him, we would love him, they would know he was well cared for blah blah blah. My husband and I both looked at each other and said NO!.. no more dogs. Well they kept at it and finally one of them brought this little thing into us. Yep, that was all it took. He needed a home and a good one and we caved. So Alvin has come into our life. 
Alvin is a Chihuahua mix and we've been told he is a "rat terrier". We really have no idea but one day he will also have a DNA test to find out just exactly what he's mixed with. The one thing we do know is he's a little spit fire and a bit crazy.

In July of this year, remember that "Old" Air conditioning unit we were conned with? The one I was hoping would last a few years? Yeah, didn't happen. It completely blew out on one of the hottest days of the year. We had been in the midst of a two week heat wave with temps of 98 degrees and heat indexes from 105 to 117. We spent four days in our home where the inside temperature was a constant 92 degrees and the humidity inside was enough to choke you.

Thankfully, a family member came through for us and lent us the $4500.00 US we needed and we had a brand new unit installed.

As for myself, 

I still suffer health wise with complications from Lyme disease and two other tick infections as well as fibromyalgia, Dysphagia and the new one of severe carpal tunnel syndrome which will require surgery on both wrists. I have upcoming medical tests on my stomach this month and I will share with you how all that goes. 

As you can see, financially, health wise, and emotionally it's been a roller coaster ride and it's been rough but we know God is always good and He's always with us. 
This brings you up to date on our lives. I hope and pray all is well with all of you and I hope to see you all on your blogs and mine as well! 

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