March 9, 2017

When It's Real. A Book Review

Many hundreds of thousands of people have heard of Joey + Rory. Country music stars and now Grammy winners as well. Maybe they are only famous to some due to Rory's blog called, 
where for the last two years he has blogged about his life and mostly about his wife Joey's battle with stage IV cervical cancer. That is how I found them and I am better off for it. 

Recently, Rory wrote a book titled the same name as his blog, This Life I Live .

On the blog we don't get to learn about Rory himself as the blog was always more geared towards his wife and his precious daughter Indy. In the book however, readers got to know a lot about Rory's life from the beginning up until this present. It was actually really nice to learn more about this unique man although he would be the last one to call himself unique. The reader also gets to learn a little bit more about his beloved Joey that was not shared in the book nor in the movie.

What fascinated me most about this man, Joey and their lives is how no matter how hard times got, and we all know about hard times, faith is what brought them through. The deep connection to the Lord, the complete and total dependence on Divine Providence when most of us would have given up. 
Rory came from shall we say extremely humble beginnings and those beginnings were far from easy. Joey came from a wonderful, loving, faithful family. Two complete opposite puzzle pieces that God in His wisdom and love for us made to fit perfectly together. 

This book, to me was so good that I read it completely in one day. In these 250 pages you find, struggle, love, loss and beauty all together. It's a book I recommend to everyone and anyone. 

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