May 27, 2018

Much Needed and I am Thankful For It

It's Sunday evening. At the moment (could end at any moment) all dogs are asleep and quiet for once, the Mr is in the den watching the last of the NASCAR race and I am here with you. The only sounds I hear are the occasional snores of one of the four leggeds and unfortunately the din of the music coming from a neighbors yard but, it's okay.

Today was a much needed blessing that I am eternally grateful for. If you read my last post here then you know how overwhelmed and full of anxiety I have been and, with good reason. Today the Lord granted me consolation with a peaceful quiet day.

The day began with a nice warm shower and  reading the Mass Readings for the Day and some reading about one of my favorite Saints, Padre Pio.

I napped for, four straight hours! I knew I was tired but had no idea I was "that" tired. I nap every day. My body demands that of me but usually only for about an hour and a half. Today, I obviously needed more. 

Around 5 PM I fed the dogs and dinner for the Mr was easy tonight. I just made him a couple of B.L.T.'s (more L and T) with some pickles on the side. Once I finished the dishes and cleaned up I sat on the couch to watch the start of the NASCAR race. Yes, we're fans and have been for years. 

I even got to work on some crochet for a while. I have to decide what I'm going to do with all these blankets I made. We can only use so many .

I finally decided it was time to get this Dip Gel off my nails. I've had it on for a good long time and while my nails did look really nice they were also very long and getting in the way of everything and getting caught on everything. My nails actually began to annoy me so I sat down tonight and soaked, and filed, and filed some more. 

While my hands, fingers, wrists and elbow joints are screaming and I don't have the best looking hands anymore due to swelling from Rheumatoid Arthritis my nails feel incredibly better being short again. I think the older I get I am realizing I am a short nail kinda gal. Amazing how you change as you age. 

I am still feeling somewhat overwhelmed but I am going to take the advice of a very kind woman who commented on my last post. Instead of trying to get through an entire day, I"ll take it twenty minutes at a time, even ten if I have too. 


  1. Naps are so needed as we grow older. I try to rest even if I don't fall asleep.
    Change is good, sometimes life demands it! Have a blessed week!

    1. Thank you so much Sylvia and you as well!

  2. Robyn, a good book to read is St. Faustina Diary. Mary


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