May 30, 2018

It's Hard To Say Good-Bye

Saying good-bye is never easy but when it comes to having pets but it is an inevitable part of it most of the time. The bad part.

We got Jake and his brother Matty when they were only nine weeks old from the local shelter. They were so tiny but they had 'huge' paws and we used to laugh because when Jake was a baby he was all legs, his head didn't quite fit his body until he was older. 

Both of them have been such blessings in our lives. We've had many dogs over the last twenty years , all sizes and breeds but I can honestly say that Jake and his brother Matty have always been the most well behaved dogs we have ever owned not too mention the affection and love they always give us. And never, ever a nasty bone in their bodies, ever. 

Unlike children, the years go by even faster with dogs. This year Matty and Jake are both thirteen and a half years old. That's a long time for a lab. Last year Jake started growing tumors. Big ones. Arthritis also came along and so Jakes back legs and hips became very weak over this past year. We have done all we could for him to help him and keep him out of pain but the day finally came when Jake looked into my eyes and told me it was time. He was finished with the pain, he was finished with not feeling well, it was time to go on to another life. 

That day came this past Friday. I knew in my heart it would be any day now but I had hoped for a few more days. On Friday morning with one look into those deep auburn eyes of his I knew, no, today would be the day it was.. We took Jake to the vet and he went quickly, painlessly and peacefully with me by his side. 

His brother Matty is still with us. He also has some health issue's but doing relatively well considering besides missing his brother. I've been spending much extra time with him and lavishing much extra love on him to help him with his grief. I think he's going to be alright. 

As for our Jake, I believe with all my heart that when it is our time to leave this life and go to Heaven we will be so in love with the Lord we will have need for nothing else, if I ask the Lord to have my dogs with me, He will allow it. I know that all my babies who have passed including Jake will be waiting for me. 

Mommy loves you Jakey Doo....Remember what Mommy told you.....wait for me.. 


  1. How sad, and sorry! I know I will cry when mine goes, not looking forward to that day.

    1. Thank you Sylvia.. Yes it's very very hard. We've had to part with eight now.. We still have five.. but unfortunately it's part of loving an animal.. The bad part :( XO

  2. I’m so sorry.........


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