August 16, 2018

I Won't Leave

I have been asked over the years and even more now in the last twenty-four hours why I stay? Why am I not leaving.

As many of you know if you've been watching the news on T.V. or following along on social media, The Catholic Church is again, embroiled in scandal of the worst kind. Last week we saw the fall of one of the most prominent Catholic Cardinals in the U.S.. Former Cardinal, Theodore McCarrick. His acts over the decades have been disgusting and inexcusable. 

On Wednesday we learned of the results of the two year investigation into the P.A. Dioceses from the attorney general of Pennsylvania. Their findings were absolutely abhorrent. I honestly have no better words to describe what was in this report other than absolutely and literally sickening as well as infuriating to say the least. 

I have had people in the last twenty-four hours demand I leave the Church, ask what is wrong with me that I would even stay in a church that could do this. I have had hate spewed at me on social media all because I am Catholic and choosing to stay one. 

I do not in ANY way support ANY cleric who has been involved in these downright disgusting acts and worse anyone at any level in the Church who covered it up!.

If I am completely honest and you know I am, I want heads to roll. I want all the filth out of the Church! I don't want to hear any passive words from the Bishops who are responsible for this mess nor the Cardinals. We know some of those who are responsible for allowing this to continue by covering it up. Those we know of, I want OUT of the Priesthood and in jail. That's what they deserve.
I want outside investigations into EVERY diocese in the United States.

But, even though this is how I feel I will not be leaving the Church and I will tell you why.

 I know that the Catholic Church for all the downfalls of the men who run her is still, always was and always will be the One True Church. It's been through Two Thousand years of scandal and the Lord will not let her fall. He tells us that much in Scripture. 

I know that we possess the true and complete Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. The Blessed Sacrament. Where else would I go Lord? To whom else could I turn? No one. 

I also know that even in the face of this horrendous evil there are still a good many priests in all ranks who are TRULY good, humble, holy, faithful priests who love God and care for the souls of His flock. 

I do not go to Mass to worship man or his world. I do not go to Mass to impress man. I go to Mass to worship God. I do not put my faith in man because man (and woman) are fallen beings. We are sinners, all, no matter what our state in life. I put my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ and now is not the time to cut and run. 

I know now is the time to stand and fight for the Lord and his Holy Catholic Church and take it out of the clutches of the evil ones who have infiltrated our Church for the last five decades. We know who their father is and he must be driven out. 

So no. I will not be leaving the Church. I will stay with my Lord and fight, I will support and love the priests and all clergy I know to be faithful sons of the Church, I will along with others demand justice be served for all the victims and all of us who weren't direct physical victims but spiritual victims of their evil deeds. The Church is a family and this is hurting ALL of us....

I will as always, keep my eyes upon Jesus. Keep my hope in Jesus. Trust in Jesus and look to our Holy Mother to help me and others do just this... 

So no, I won't leave. 


  1. Shame on people for asking you to leave your faith because of someone elses sins. There is forgiveness and those who are guilty will pay maybe not in this world but the next and it is our duty to forgive. You do what you know is right and I am sorry that you are enduring that kind of criticism.

  2. I'm not leaving the church either. I'm in Houston, just fyi. There is evil everywhere. I'm more concerned out the political mess our country is in now, because it looks to me like half of the country is coo-coo. That's a lot of people. I'm disgusted with this. Completely disgusted. No conversation at all. Either you believe what I believe or there is no communication at all. To me this is worse then the scandal of the church. I have wondered many times why the kids involved did not tell their parents, why the church itself did not respond to this when they knew. It's hideous ! But, now I'm finding out there is a segment of society that thinks pedofilia (I don't even know how to spell this) is OK ??????? The clash of cultures must end. The church will survive as there is now a Pope who knows how to deal with the scandals.


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