November 24, 2018

I Ain't Doin It !

Nope, I ain't doin it.. Not today, not ever. 
Hi Friends, 
 Wondering what I'm not doing? Black Friday shopping! That's what I'm not doing. My opinion may not be popular but I'll share it with you anyway. 

I went Black Friday shopping once in my life and that was many years and that was enough for me. It rained that night so I was wet, cold, frustrated by the crowds, hot in the stores it was just a mess and I swore I'd never do it again. 

It's not only all of the above that has me against Black Friday shopping but also just the whole idea of it. I mean c'mon, what happened to real Thanksgiving? Years ago I remember Thanksgiving was a true holiday in this country. A day for being thankful not only for personal blessings but also for being thankful for this country we live in. She may be a mess but this country is still the most amazing country in the world with opportunity and freedoms you will find nowhere else. Thanksgiving used to be truly celebrated.

No stores were open. You couldn't even buy a gallon of milk if you ran out. That's how it should still be but now, you walk into a store in the beginning of October and you're accosted with everything Halloween and before Halloween is even here somewhere around the twenty-ninth of October you walk into a store and you are accosted with Christmas. Thanksgiving items are few and far between except for the mounds and mounds of food. 

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas but I think Thanksgiving needs to be important again in our country. I believe that's part of the problem in this country. We have become so used to having not only what we want but an overabundance of stuff that we take everything for granted.

People spend "Thanksgiving" eating themselves sick, talking about how grateful they are for all the blessings in their lives and then....four hours later they're out in stores practically killing each other to get the 'best deal' on stuff. 

As for myself, I want no part of that so no, I ain't doin it... What about you? Do you Black Friday shop?


  1. Like you, I went once and did not care for what I saw....not the merchandise but the behavior of people. I've never been again and I enjoy a quiet 'thankful' Thanksgiving weekend...I'm still celebrating! Great post and eloquently stated! I hope you had a great one!

  2. I agree, I liked it better when we had "Blue Laws" and Christmas didn't start until after we got to enjoy our Thanksgiving. As for the Black Friday shopping, I tried it too many many years ago. Nope, no more! I do my Black Friday shopping all year long. I plant for Christmas all year round. A lot of my gifts are home made, and I try to do justice to a really good sale. Pogo and I spent a quiet day at home. We got to chat with all our family and friends, enjoyed a wonderful dinner, and then settled in for some serious cuddling and watching TV. I am so blessed. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. I could not agree more! I hate Black Friday. The crowds, the long lines, the in your face ads. Ugh. Friday after Thanksgiving is for relaxing and maybe doing a little decoration if we have the ambition.

  4. I read its the only time people spend $300.00 on a tent to save $50.00 on a TV. No thank you. I hope someday it goes back to the closed stores and a day to give thanks,

  5. I'm with you... no Black Friday for me either, never have and never will!


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