November 16, 2018

Time Well Spent

Time well spent is not time wasted.
Hi Friends, 

Often we think if we are not 'busy' then we are wasting time but that's not really true. Even God rested on the seventh day..

I had a tiring although really nice Friday morning spending time with Linda. 

We left around eight-thirty in the morning and headed over to the American Cancer Society in Myrtle Beach. They offer free wigs to cancer patients as well as crocheted hats, shawls and blankets.

Linda tried on two wigs and the first one she tried on we both knew was the perfect one for her. It looks amazing on her. 

I was also shocked at the quality. It looks and even feels like real hair although it's synthetic. The only warning the woman gave her was not to get too close to a hot stove or the microwave when it's on because it will melt her hair!! We literally laughed out loud.. 

Afterwards, we took a cruise on over to TJ Maxx. Linda wanted to get a winter coat like I have but they didn't have any of those left. She did get a nice Michael Kors coat which was originally price at $190.00 US, Linda only paid $79.00 US. Score! She also bought many other items. It was quite the haul. (laughs)... Linda is like me, she looooooves to shop..

On the way home we talked about leaving the men and animals home and taking a vacation for two weeks, getting matching tattoos', you know, girl stuff!.. We had a really nice morning together. It was time well spent. 


  1. Beautiful story Robin.

  2. Linda looks awesome in her new "do." I'd say your time together was time very well spent. Such a fun girly outing. You have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Edna B.

  3. I think the wig is adorable, and so are you.

  4. How fun, Robyn you are a true treasure. I really like the wig, she looks good!


  5. Robyn, Linda looks beautiful with the wig.....sounds like you had a fun day doing girl stuff always fun. It is sooo beautiful when we have a special friend to spend time with.....xoxo....Debbie


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