February 27, 2019

I Allowed It

Hi Friends, 

Well it's that time again.. Time for me to retreat. Time for me to pull back. Way back. Oh by the way, I apologize for not having any posts. Christmas came and it was busy and then I was sick almost all of January and still not feeling well going into March and so, here we are. Now back to the topic at hand. 

I allowed it to happen, the Lord showed me the wrongs of my ways and so now I am letting Him fix it.  What did I do? Over the last two months or so I have been trying to live with one foot in the world and one foot in Heaven and you know what I learned? It doesn't work. Within no time at all, it will actually make your head spin, you have both feet in the world, no feet in Heaven and you are sucked straight into the black hole of negativity, stress, anxiety and anger that society presents today and is splashed all over social media regardless of the platform.

For those who don't know, I am a Catholic Christian and yes my Church is going through hell right because fallen men have allowed the evil one to enter Her through them and their actions. Those of us who are faithful Catholics, faithful to the Lord, His words and His laws are really going through a terrible suffering at seeing what has happened, what is happening and more importantly what is not happening. For me, this suffering has been extremely painful.

Then there is the society I live in and the world at large which just gets more dark, and more evil with each passing day. So, there I was. Listening to the news, listening to Catholic news, reading and responding to comments and 'debates' on social media and then....it got ugly... I should say .... I got ugly.. I became someone I didn't recognize and I knew I had to pull back. It was changing me. I was becoming hugely angry at everyone and extremely cruel and nasty at times with my words and finally last night I had sort of a meltdown on my Instagram. That was it, I knew this morning I needed to do something about it. 

I begged the Lord forgiveness and thanked Him for showing me just what I am truly capable of and it isn't pretty. Asked Him to help me let go of that. Asked him to return His peace to me which I am ashamed to say I so easily flipped off so I could be "in the world" with everyone else. After talking to the Lord long and hard this morning I knew the only thing to do was, retreat.. Back off social media. Stay away as much as possible. Go back to the Lord, rest in his Sacred Heart. Be "with' Him not just 'about' Him.

With Gods help I am not going to be around social media much at all. I will need His help for this and He knows this. I will be keeping up with a few YouTube channels whose videos I find to be useful but that will be pretty much it. I may, post from time to time on Instagram but as for Fakebook and Twitter the only thing you'll see of me on there is a link to a new blog post. 

I have to get back to the Lord Jesus and one of the ways is through my blog. I have always found peace in writing on my blog and it's time to come back. So for those of you who follow me on Social Media, if you truly care to keep up with me than please bookmark my blog, or follow me on Bloglovin or Blogger because this is where I will be. I also ask that you please pray for me that I, along with the Lords help can be once again what HE wants me to be and he will destroy any of the inner ugliness that I have come to see I can possess and spew just as badly as the next person. 

I will be posting again soon..


  1. Dear Robyn, you have made a wise decision. Social media makes us turn into vengeful, unforgiving humans. When we react to posts we do not agree with we tend to post remarks which sometimes are rude and hateful without thinking of the consequence. Hope you will find peace and solace during this break.

  2. God’s grace and blessing on you, dear Robyn.....
    We all must be very careful what we see and hear.....and we must be vigilant in prayer.
    Saying a prayer you will feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually with each new day.

  3. It is so easy to be sucked into this world and away from the Lord. This is just what Satan wants. Keep your eyes on God. I will be praying for peace for you.

  4. I am so sorry you and the church are going through this, remember you are not evil nor is the church, just those members that chose to be evil. Christs forgiveness is for all who sin and all who are in pain. Love you and glad you are back my friend.

  5. Robyn, I can so relate to your experiences! I had to leave Facebook (Fakebook, cute! And true!) because it just felt weird to me; and I have started and deleted so many Twitter accounts! I just can't take it for long. It pulls me into things I shouldn't go near for my sanity's sake. Social media has become so ugly! I'm still on Instagram, but I'm trying to take it in smaller doses. You're wise to see the dangers of social media and step back. It's definitely not always a friendly place.


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