June 21, 2019

Staying Home With love

The summer arrived here in my neck of South Carolina which meant it was time to get outside before the real heat with oppressing humidity showed up.

This year is the first year I myself have planted a small vegetable garden. With my husbands help of course. Mr Simple Life always had amazing vegetable gardens until his health limited him. I am learning quite a few things with this new garden of mine, so far all good things but I also learned something about myself and that is.. I like being home. I like being a home maker.

I have never been into any of that wacky feminism stuff. I thought they were nuts in my twenties and now in my late forties I think they've gone from nuts to diabolical but I digress.

I have found over the last few months that I enjoy cleaning my home, what little I can do because of my health restrictions, I like making a nice, cozy, home full of love and kindness with an open door to all no matter what time of day. It makes me happy. I used to be out every day running errands, running trips to the store that were not so much errands but to 'keep busy' and spend wasted time spending money I didn't have but now I find that while errand running is part of life, I do not enjoy it. I'd rather be home.

I have felt this change in myself for the last nine months or so but having the garden really has shown me a few things and answered a question that I have been wrestling with for some time now. What is my station in life? There was a time I was thinking maybe I took the wrong path. I thought maybe I had a calling to become a consecrated religious sister or a cloistered nun but then I would think, no that can't be right either. If I was truly called to that life, I wouldn't be married. I knew I wanted to be close to the Lord, very close but I felt like if I didn't have complete silence in my life, and time for deep contemplation and prayer with Him and I'm talking like hours during the day then I must be being called to the cloister but still it didn't seem 'right' so what was it wondered? Where did I belong?

And then God sent me my answer. I belong right where I am. My calling in this life is to love Him with all my heart, mind, and strength but at the same time I was chosen to be a wife and a home maker and my home is my cloister. Caring for my husband is caring for Jesus in disguise. Making and keeping a warm, loving home is loving God and being a good steward to all that He has blessed me with. And, he does give me quite time to be with him in deep prayer and contemplation. 

For some it's early mornings but in my home mornings are busy around here with a home, a garden, a husband, five dogs and errands that need tending too. So my prayer and contemplation time with Him is when my house is usually the most quiet around eight PM in the evening. Mr Simple Life is usually snoozing on the couch, the dogs are snoozing around the house, the garden and the days chores have been put to rest for another day. I have hours at night to just be with Him in quite and it's time that I savor and is precious to me. 

I am glad I began this small garden this year because it has helped me see that my happiness is in my own home and my own home is what I choose to make it. 

Where are you happiest?

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