June 25, 2019

Home Making Kind of Day

(photo credit: Library of Congress)

It's almost 9:30 PM and it's been a long day...

My morning began at Six Am when my alarm went off as it does each morning at the same time. 
I was up and out in the garden by seven thirty Am trying to beat the heat and humidity. God was so kind as to give me a morning with slightly less humidity and a wonderful breeze as I watered the vegetable garden and flowers on the deck and then out into the front to water the new bushes that were put in a few weeks ago. For the first time this summer I did not even break a sweat. 

Afterwards it was time to make the bed and feed the four legged kids. While they all ate I finally had a moment or two to sit down at the table with my morning coffee and read the email that had come in over night. I would have loved for it to last longer but this is the first day I have actually been home in the morning and I had lots to catch up on.

I put my ear buds in and popped on some music by one of my new found favorite artists, Josh Woodward. Google him. He's really good. I put the dishes from the night before away and began on the mornings dishes. Once that was finished I threw the blanket I use to nap into the washer and put down baking soda on all the carpeting in the house. I like to use baking soda at least once a month to keep them clean and smelling fresh. With five dogs it has to happen. While the baking soda was sinking in the carpet fibers and doing it's job I made the bed, swished and wiped down both bathrooms. 

Around Ten AM , MSL (Mr Simple Life) went up to Walmart to pick up the order I placed the night before. While he was gone I transferred the blanket to the dryer and put my sneakers into the washing machine. Yes, I wash my sneakers. Some people may find that weird but I think ironing underwear is weird! Next, I wiped down the kitchen counters, the refrigerator, other appliances and cleaned the stove top. 

I was ready to sit down by 10:30 Am. I grabbed my reading glasses and my Bible and went and sat in my favorite spot on the living room couch. The dogs were all ready to relax by this time as well. I sat there and enjoyed looking out the windows, the day was hot and sunny, my flowers looked so pretty. The peace and quiet was wonderful while I read the Word of God and was able to concentrate on what He was saying to me. 

After MSL got home around 12PM I was ready for a nap and my feet were letting me know it by barely being able to put them on the floor because they were so painful. Me and a few of the dogs napped for about two hours. It was much needed. This afternoon I went to the local waste authority and got rod of some stuff that has been laying around the house for months. When I came home it was time to feed the dogs and cook dinner for MSL . Tonight was Tuna steak, asparagus and a side salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, cleaned up the kitchen from dinner along with the dishes. 

I sat down for a while and worked a bit on a crochet project I am making, I read for a good long while a book called Characters Of The Passion by Fulton J. Sheen. Around seven thirty PM we went out on the back deck and sat for a bit even though it was humid and watched the dogs run around the yard and explore. Then it was time to come in, close the house up for the night, pray and here I am . 

It was a tiring day but a good day. The kind of day I enjoy. Being home, home making, reading, gardening and just being with my family. 

I hope you had a wonderfully blessed day too! 

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