July 24, 2019

How Do They Do It?

I just don't know how they do it anymore. I was sitting here today thinking about growing up and living most of my life in New Jersey. I lived only about thirty minutes away from New York city. Back in the 1970's it was considered "Suburbia", "country". Now a days it's a city and an extremely expensive one at that. The house I grew up in my parents purchased in 1967 for Twenty Thousand Dollars. It was a nice home, a modest cape cod with smaller rooms. That's how homes were built back then. The last time I saw it listed in the market for sale it had a price tag of FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS with Five THOUSAND a year in property tax!.

I was just floored. Absolutely floored. The structure of the house is still the same. Of course over the years new owners have made changes but it's still on the same 50 X 100 lot. You can't expand or add an addition but now it's all about, location, location, location. 

I have family who still live in New Jersey a few towns over from the town my brother and I grew up in and the population explosion over the last twenty years has been insane. The traffic is beyond insane and I began to think, how does my family still handle living in that constant rat race up there? 

MSL and I moved to South Carolina back in 2003. At first and for the first eight years or so it was a major culture shock to me. I was used to the 'rat race', pounding the concrete, eating stress for breakfast and now, just thinking about it all makes me exhausted. I realized I have acclimated to my surroundings down here in the country parts of the South where life is a bit slower, people are friendlier and God is everywhere. I used to think I could or wanted to move back 'home' to be near my family again and yes, while I do miss them I now know there is no way I could handle living up there again. I wouldn't mind visiting for a short time but to live there again, no, it's not in me anymore. 

I saw a t-shirt on Fakebook (facebook) the other day that I would love to have. It said, "I like to stay in bed, it's too Peopley outside". That is me to a T. No pun intended. I like people, I like to be social but I like it at a distance now. I like my quiet country mornings and nights. I hear no sirens, no airplanes except on the rare occasion a flight path is changed, I hear no honking horns, no neighbors yelling at each other. Yes, I like living in the South. 


  1. I go back home to Missoula Montana and the traffic about does me in.I think I have made myself a country girl or at least a small town girl.

    1. Yes me too.. I've made myself a country girl. Our town is HUGE but the part I live in is called the "old historic district" and it's just outside the city limits. Very quiet and slow where I am..

  2. I too like the country life. Funny our blogs both have simple in the title! I use to live in a very busy city in Florida. Now I live way out in the country in NC.


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