July 31, 2019

It's Been Lost

The art of homemaking has all but been lost. There are still a few of us left but the numbers are dwindling. Homemaking like so many good and healthy things of the past have been lost and replaced by the modern way of doing things, most of which are not very good for the individual person nor the family unit. 

When I was a child in the 1970's homemaking was still alive and well in most homes. Before my father passed away in 1979 my mother was a stay at home mom. A, homemaker. She kept our home neat and clean, along with our bedrooms and clothing. She cooked good hearty meals for her growing children and hard working husband. Dinner time was at five pm every night and we would sit around the table as a family and talk about our day. My parents mostly wanted to know what we did in school, how was the day etc. These days family units rarely exist anymore. Everyone, including the children are all going in five directions at once. There is no more family dinner talk, children and adults grab something on the fly or they are staring at smart phones, TV's, video games. All of this has helped lead to the breakdown of the family. Saint John Paul II once said, "As the family goes so goes the world". He couldn't have been more right. 

Children are no longer brought up in a God loving home, where Mom is always there making life pleasant instead, children are career goal driven from the time they can walk. It's all about their future careers and how much money that will bring them so they can buy lots of things. It is extremely rare these days to find children being reared in a Godly home, instilled with good morals and values, helping at home and just being children. I met a grandmother the other day while standing in line at the store. She had her two year old grand-daughter with her who was, playing on her 'smart phone". She couldn't talk much but she knew how to use a smart phone at two years old. These days we are starting to scramble our childrens brains with electronics from the moment they can walk. 

Young girls are being taught they don't 'need no man', boys are being taught 'it's okay to be a girl' and some girls are being taught it's okay to be a boy. The femininity that was once the beauty of being female has been turned into masculinity and the masculinity that was once the beauty of being a boy and one day a man has all but been lost as well and turned into something feminine.  
Young adults these days are among the most confused, and misdirected humans anyone has ever seen. They do not know right from wrong anymore they hold no moral values to what is good. All of this is so incredibly sad. 

In my day I did not have any of the issue's these children and young adults of today do. We did not worry about sex at the age of five, we did not worry 'what gender we wanted to be at three years of age. We were children. We played like children we were sheltered as much as possible from the cruel things of the world for as long as possible. For most children my age, mom was home.... making home a place you always wanted to be, dad was out making a living to support us all. We had a set dinner time every night and the family table was for eating and sharing our day. Weekends were for family, friends and family vacations in the summer. There were no electronics to get in the way, there was no TV time during dinner or any other time it was not permitted. We played outside in the sunshine and caught lightening bugs after the sun went down. Although I don't 'like' getting older I am truly grateful for having grown up in the time I did..Most of us, compared to today had an idyllic childhood. And that idyllic childhood was made possible for us because of homemakers. 

I pray that young parents of today will see the value and importance in being a homemaker and rearing children in a Godly home, and letting them just be children before the world attempts to corrupt them. This is what the world needs again. Old fashioned ways of living all propped upon the homemaker and the love she brings to it. 


  1. First time visiting your blog...this post is beautifully written and so true. ~ Carol

  2. I am a homemaker and I agree - we are a dying breed. However, I must encourage myself that we set examples. Influence is a powerful thing and we all have some. My daughter, Amber, is a modern day homemaker. She cooks three meals a day and they eat as a family around the kitchen table. She is the best mother I have ever seen. There are others I know - young women - who are totally embracing homemaking. Even while working a job. Lots of ladies - like my Amber - are working from home these days. Now Amber's home is not spotless but let me tell you meal times are important. So are family outings and Friday night popcorn, movie and Cokes. Church together on Sunday. She knows what is truly important and chooses to spend TIME - precious TIME - with her husband and children. So it may not be as rare as we think to be a homemaker these days. It's not quite the same but it may very well be just as good or better!

  3. I just keep reading this over and over. Thank you for always speaking truth!

  4. This was a pleasure to read. My mom was a homemaker and I used to say, I wanted to be like my mom. I was fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom for about 20 years - Then divorce happened and I did take a job but by then my youngest was 16.

  5. Today I found some old comments that, somehow, I missed responding to and yours was one. This is a great post, full of truth and wisdom and glad to have "found" you again.
    Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm


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