July 10, 2019

Life Changes

I remember it like it was yesterday although it wasn't.. My own mother going through peri-menopause. Yes, this is the topic of this post. Sorry if some may find it offensive but, it's part of every woman's life if she is blessed enough to reach it and, I have. 

My blog has been very quiet, I have not put up any YouTube videos but what I have done is put on a lot of weight in the last year. I have gone from one hundred and five pounds to approximately one hundred and thirty three pounds. I began with the 'sweats' only when I would sleep about three years ago but now they are full on sweats during the day where I want to jump into a vat of ice cold water. There is no warning, no particular time of day but even doing the slightest thing like blow drying your hair can make you sweat. Along with all that beauty comes the emotional and mental side affects of this time of life. Anxiety, addictive like behaviors, interrupted sleep etc. Next we move to the appetite and metabolism. I 'used' to have a very fast metabolism but now it seems to move at a snails pace and to make matters worse the sugar and carbohydrate cravings / addictions are just horrific. Hence the massive weight gain.

Most days I wake up tired, I have no drive to accomplish much nor the energy if I did. Some will say, 'why don't you go on hormone replacement therapy?' and my answer to that is, the side affects from HRT can be worse than what I am going through now so, no thanks. 

But, I MUST get this all under control. I have lost all sense of willpower over anything I am allowing myself to do to my body and that has to stop. Some woman have horrific anxiety and anger and take it out on their husbands and or families. I went through a period of that last year and thanks be to God He allowed me to see what I was doing and so far I have complete control over that and, I am so incredibly blessed to have a husband who puts up with me even if he can't understand how I feel, he accepts it and still loves me. Some are not so lucky. 

I almost feel bad now when I remember what my mother was experiencing all those years ago and how at the time ,I was in my twenties, still young, pretty, thin and living life while my mom was  naked on the bathroom floor tiles at three am some nights just trying to cool off. 

Many many years ago doctors used to tell women, "this is a wonderful time in your life, a new chapter". I wonder how many of those doctors got a frying pan to the head after those statements?


  1. Oh, my Dear!!!! Been there! Done that! I remember thinking there should be books on what to expect and how to cope! I had early onset menopause at 40 after I had thyroid cancer. I also had a 3 year old and a baby. I’m thankful I survived both the cancer and the menopause but I do feel for you! I didn’t do HRT either. There are herbs and such that can help and you would think there would be more info available now than there was 30 years ago.
    I just watched the episode of The Closer where she is exhibiting symptoms....
    I feel for you and will pray this ordeal does not last long......

    1. Wow Linda you've certainly had some trials to go through.. Thank you for sharing some about you! XO

  2. Yes, I am past that time as well. Wishing you coolness when you need it! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. You know I struggled so much with my RA during those years.I got the riggers, which is where you are cold. Frozen to the point you cannot move. It would often times throw me to the floor in terrible pain. I prayed for a hot flash. I did have them but I was always grateful it was not the opposite. I am sorry you are going through this.

    1. Oh Gosh, I have RA as well but had never heard of what you speak of.. I hope that doesn't happen to me and I am sorry it happened to you.. Does this still happen? There is nothing the doctor can due to help it? It sound awful :(


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